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As man, by his constitution, is of a twofold nature, a compound of soul and body, so all his concerns and pursuits, by consequence, partake either of the one or of the other. Symmetry and grace of form, wealth, corporal strength, and the like, being all of the nature of the body, soon pass away; but intellectual efforts are immortal, like the higher archetype from whence they proceed. Thus the goods of fortune, and every corporal possession, are ...
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Gaius Sallustius Crispus, generally known simply as Sallust, (86-34 BC), a Roman historian, belonged to a well-known plebeian family, and was born at Amiternum in the country of the Sabines. Throughout his career Sallust always stood by his principle as a popularis, an opposer of Pompey's party and the old aristocracy of Rome.

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