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August 7, 2020

Sell Cigarettes, not Munitions

By Private Citizen

Arms Sales: Congressional Review Process Updated July 17, 2020


Selling sophisticated killing instruments to everyone but American veterans in America will come back to bite someone on the ass. Spanards taught Apaches how to breed horses, then Apaches scalped white men, who now fear their ratings are not high. If DONALD J. TRUMP sells predator drones to wealthy Arab dudes in robes, what's to stop another 9/11 in America? In the end, what does it matter who aims and fires weapons made in America? It matters who will be left to bury their dead, after Trump makes his deals... If anyone represents me, they need to disarm and evaluate BIGGUS DICKUS for his mental and moral competency before the sun sets.

Authors Bio:

ROB KALL hates the thought of others thinking thoughts that disagree with him. Censoring is what Assholes do.If ROB KALL had a spine, and was capable of standing for everyone's rights, he would stop being IN THE WRONG. Self governance is all we can afford.