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March 24, 2019


By Steven Mitchell

a poem


"I am not trying to shoot straight with my satire or hyperbole"

I don't want to actually hurt anyone

It's just a Cristian upbringing thing

That makes me hesitate

And have doubt

(((I apologize for the lack of what was original formatting of the presentment of the poetic rambling)))

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I worked as a community activist starting in my late teens in the latter 1970s on issues such as redlining, segregation, mortgage availability, education and redistributing utility costs (largely by trying to eliminate discounts to bulk buyers), progressing to work as a community organizer (Vista Volunteer) until the new US senator from Utah, Orren Hatch, pulled the financial plug on our organization because of its alleged association with communists at the Midwest Academy in Chicago.

Living in New York City later, I eventually found work in technology, particularly at Wall Street firms. Amongst other design work, I was contracted in 1996 to engineer and project manage the implementation and expansion of the back-end network of the Mortgage-Backed-Securities trading system of the NYSE for the Clinton Administration initiative at that time, which ultimately was at the root of the Sub-Prime Financial Crisis of 2008. Afterwards I worked as a network architect where I project managed new implementations and researched new or upcoming network technologies, including top-level securities and experimental network strategies for Chase Manhattan Bank and Reuters, among other firms. I was involuntarily retired from technology design by the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City, when the subsequent economic downturn that crashed the NY metropolitan area (according to the NY Times as many as 175,000 technology people were left unemployed), collided with the air being let out of the Internet 1.0 balloon, while the U.S simultaneously escalated the immigration and eventual citizenship of approximately 5 million new educated and technology-savvy arrivals from China and India, under the Bush Administration. I turned to writing about politics, history, anthropology, economics, culture and cannabis, while returning to university studies at Stony Brook University in the second half of the first decade of the 21st century, to study psychology, history and anthropology. I have since worked as an intern for a couple of legislators in Suffolk County on Long Island, primarily writing and researching issues of topical, financial and environmental concern.

I advocate for lifelong, cradle-to-grave education, cradle-to-grave healthcare, lifelong universal income, child-care services for parents or caregivers, a global environmental policy, a global military and a Managed Capitalism, steady-state, mixed-economy for everyone.