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October 18, 2017

Of Bloody Shirts and Litmus Tests

By Robert Cogan

Post - Democrats should consider publicizing litmus tests for candidates without public passage of which we swear we will not vote for the candidate, no matter what ogre(s) are put up as opponents.


Having come to the conclusion that both parties are so thoroughly corrupted by campaign financing that no real progress, not even protection of what remains, is possible, I've become a post - Democrat. Alert and semi-alert Americans are so beset in the media with distractions, without litmus tests we are likely to fall into the outrage sewer pit.

bloody shirt
bloody shirt
(Image by April Pink)
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One person's serious issue is another's distraction. But Trump and his guys have whole subscriptions. Here are some of the Bloody Shirts of Distraction they wave: Flag Disrespect!, KIA Non consoler Presidents! Heretical "Happy Holidays!" Sharia Here!, Terrorists!, Islam!, Cop Killiers! Immigrant Rapists!, Mexican Narcotrafficantes!

Now, why is the entire Lamestream media, particularly TV news, all of it, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, MSNBC, CNN amplifying the wave instead of investigating and providing at least mention of compromises, solutions, improvements? If you are sick of seeing the bloody shirts waved, tell the media as well as the punks waving them!

I'm only one person, a bold, old scold, with one vote and no money, but here are some of my personal litmus tests for candidates for the Presidency and congress: 1) I will not vote for any candidate who does not vow publicly to work for election reforms that assure the winner of the presidency is the winner of the popular vote! This would be a tremendous, expensive campaign, but whether it's by Interstate Compact or Constitutional amendment, it must be pursued vigorously.

File:Blue and red litmus paper.JPG - Wikimedia Commons1024 -- 765 - 92k - jpg
File:Blue and red litmus paper.JPG - Wikimedia Commons1024 -- 765 - 92k - jpg
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2) I will not vote for any candidate unless s/he vows to vote for termination of the Authorization to use force in the Middle East. S/he must vow to work to choke off funding and absolutely end all U.S. military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan and all further financial aid to the corrupt colonial governments we have installed there. If that happens, maybe in a hundred years Jihadi's will have cooled down enough to stop revenge terrorism. 3) I will not vote for any candidate unless s/he vows to sponsor Congressional creation of $trillions of greenbacks for a large program of infrastructure building and urban - rural redevelopment. It would have to employ at least several hundred thousand Americans at family - supporting wage (at least $20.00 hour.) Work on development can be retro-technological, i.e., the least skilled could demolish abandoned houses in inner cities and rural meth towns.

Submitters Website:

Submitters Bio:

I could be Bernie Sanders older brother by similarity. I was born in Manhattan, 1940, he, about a year later, in Brooklyn. I too am a white male American. A retired college professor of philosophy. We both were born of Jewish parents. I was in Harlem CORE, He in Chicago CORE. We both went to the University of Chicago; me 58 - 62, he 60 - 64 (I think.) And yet, I don't recall meeting him! U. of Chicago had plenty of progressive activists despite being a bastion of Milton Friedman. He went into politics in Vermont in '68 (?) and I settled that year into a college professorship in northwestern Pennsylvania.

I've been a long-time minor activist in the civil rights, anti-war, pro feminism movements and taught critical thinking and social philosophy. I've been a unionist, on the Board of Directors of a food co-op, an ACLU chapter president, a CASA, and an elected Green Party Borough Councilman in my small hometown. I'm happily married, for over 45 years, to a woman significantly responsible for my modest success in life, we have two great kids and one grandchild, for whom we hope there is a decent future! Recently I've been pushing Modern Monetary Theory.