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October 12, 2017

An Ample America

By Robert Cogan

Social Democracy is introduced while attacking the fundamental confusion of capitalist economics between not having enough money personally and not having enough of the money commons for government to do its job.


Imagine an Ample America: one in which everyone had, securely, sufficient income. All have enough for decent, if modest, housing, necessities. They are assured of never being impoverished and dependent on other persons. Everyone is entitled to an equal maximum one -- time cost of post -- stabilization life support (PSLS). The amount of PSLS is determined, not by a "Death Panel," but a "National Life Support Commission." But once exhausted, government pays nothing for heroic care costs. They would have to be paid privately.

An ample society is compatible with great inequality. There can be billionaires and lottery winners so long as everyone has the necessities. A Utilitarian thinks an ample society would be happier, and more moral. The national debt and free market capitalism, with some regulation, are not obstacles to this! Corruption of both parties by special interests and propaganda are obstacles, bigly!

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Free vector graphic: Coin, Cornucopia, Horn, Money - Free Image on ...891 -- 720 - 229k - png
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America is the richest empire the world has ever known. But progress is overwhelmed by propaganda that we haven't enough money. The economic system that would most promote the sort ample utilitarian society is not Republican or Democratic platforms. It is Social Democracy, like some northern European countries have. Social democracy accepts a large, regulated free market, and even great wealth differences, so long as they can't corrupt government to allow the sub-sufficiency that still exists.

Happiness Surveys reveal that citizens of Social Democracies live longer, have more free time, and are happier than Americans! Congressional creation of tax free, legal tender greenback money, spent without incurring deficit, for living wage infrastructure jobs, for limited life support, and for social security could enable this.

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I could be Bernie Sanders older brother by similarity. I was born in Manhattan, 1940, he, about a year later, in Brooklyn. I too am a white male American. A retired college professor of philosophy. We both were born of Jewish parents. I was in Harlem CORE, He in Chicago CORE. We both went to the University of Chicago; me 58 - 62, he 60 - 64 (I think.) And yet, I don't recall meeting him! U. of Chicago had plenty of progressive activists despite being a bastion of Milton Friedman. He went into politics in Vermont in '68 (?) and I settled that year into a college professorship in northwestern Pennsylvania.

I've been a long-time minor activist in the civil rights, anti-war, pro feminism movements and taught critical thinking and social philosophy. I've been a unionist, on the Board of Directors of a food co-op, an ACLU chapter president, a CASA, and an elected Green Party Borough Councilman in my small hometown. I'm happily married, for over 50 years, to a woman significantly responsible for my modest success in life. We have two great kids and one grandchild, for whom we hope there is a decent future! Recently I've been pushing Modern Monetary Theory.

Politically in 60 years I've been everything from a Libertarian in extreme youth, through socialist but now at last I just call myself a Utilitarian and Pragmatist. It avoids useless rhetorical arguments.