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August 17, 2017

Charlotteville Disorder - Made for TeeVee

By Robert Cogan

What happened at Charlottesville and why... Maybe


The Charlottesville disorder was not about the Trumps. Maybe it was about powerless, frustrated Americans wanting to at least stand up and get on cable TEEVEE news. It's a sign of gross defects in very weakly participative republican "democracy." If Antifa had operated like some KKK terrorist groups of the past it could have avoided the disorder and expense of policing by blowing up the Lee statue some night. Or maybe the statue could have been repeatedly defaced.

Adults know to separate children when they are are fighting. Urban areas could establish an official distinction between national heroes of the United States and controversial heroes of subgroups such as RobertELee and JohnBrown. All statues of controversial heroes of subgroups could be relocated on setbacks of private lands such as the churches of differing gods. There will still be a problem of "national heroes" who were slave owners.

There's a pathetic lack of leadership among both our political parties to be unable to urge such a simple idea. Here is another example. North Korea says it will envelop Guam with missiles. Our president, Secretary of State, congressional "leaders," even timid democrats, could suggest marking off a Guam -size piece of open water and saying to North Korea "Okay, Put dummy warheads on a couple of your missiles and shoot to envelop this area. We will see to it that shipping in this area is warned."

A Rap Battle between Trump and Kim is a win -- win action, so long as neither starts killing people. Each can claim credit for the non-start of war. It's also great for the Nooz, in an otherwise slow dog days of August.

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I could be Bernie Sanders older brother by similarity. I was born in Manhattan, 1940, he, about a year later, in Brooklyn. I too am a white male American. A retired college professor of philosophy. We both were born of Jewish parents. I was in Harlem CORE, He in Chicago CORE. We both went to the University of Chicago; me 58 - 62, he 60 - 64 (I think.) And yet, I don't recall meeting him! U. of Chicago had plenty of progressive activists despite being a bastion of Milton Friedman. He went into politics in Vermont in '68 (?) and I settled that year into a college professorship in northwestern Pennsylvania.

I've been a long-time minor activist in the civil rights, anti-war, pro feminism movements and taught critical thinking and social philosophy. I've been a unionist, on the Board of Directors of a food co-op, an ACLU chapter president, a CASA, and an elected Green Party Borough Councilman in my small hometown. I'm happily married, for over 45 years, to a woman significantly responsible for my modest success in life, we have two great kids and one grandchild, for whom we hope there is a decent future! Recently I've been pushing Modern Monetary Theory.