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October 13, 2012

The Goodfellas against the God Father

By cumhur ozkaya

Real stories are not good without imagination.


Director Martin Scorsese movie had been nominated Oscar for 6 awards but it had one in 1990. Stars are Robert de Niro and Ray Liotta.

Goodfellas has a real (mafia) story in 1980's. A boy (Henry Hill-Ray Liotta) likes mafia groups and he joins a group and he steals big money during years. But their plans fall after the biggest robbery of USA history and Hill joined to witness protecting program against their bosses.

I think Scorsese would like that we responded whit this final. Name of the movie is The Goodfellas but I couldn't see goodfellas so I didn't surprise when mafia members kill or rat each others. They are like associate.  

I had really worried at final of Once Upon a Time in America (OUTA) (Director, Sergio Leone, Star De Niro again), because it had told very well friendship between members of mafia.

The Goodfellas starts story from Henry Hill's youth like story of OUTA or A Bronx Tale but we couldn't see rooted friendship in this story. We are not surprised when Hill rats his bosses.

Any other thing, not much, any action any excitement, nothing and it is really boring film.

Scorsese made a film with reading real story of Henry Hill but Scorsese couldn't make any attraction. And he has put a name like God Fathers (Goodfellas). I am sure this name earned big guichet in 1990's but it is not good as The God Father.

A real mafia member may die, may be arrested or may join to witness protecting program. Story in the time between joining to mafia and joining to program should be interesting for us. But The Goodfellas is not interesting. It is like a documentary. 

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