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January 3, 2009

The Mystery Of Jett Travolta's Tragic Death


John Travolta & Kelly Preston's strict Scientology beliefs and ignorance of mental illnesses may have lead to child's demise. Will they finally leave The Church of Scientology or will another Scientology related death be swept under the door?


Family attorneys Michael McDermott & Michael Ossi have confirmed the death of 16 year old Jett Travolta, son of John Travolta & Kelly Preston - confirming the boy was with his family at their hotel in the Bahamas when he succumbed to a seizure before falling and hitting his head on a tub.

"A nanny attempted to revive him, all attempts were made, but he couldn't be revived," said, Michael Ossi, "They tried as hard as they could to revive Jett. He has had seizures in the past, but they were controlled. This one couldn't be."

Jett was taken from The Old Bahama Bay Resort & Yacht Harbour and died en route to The Rand Memorial Hospital some 20 miles away.

The Royal Bahamas Police Force say that Jett was left unattended for more than 10 hours - stating that John Travolta's son, Jett was last seen going into the bathroom at 11:30PM New Year's Day (2009) and was not discovered by his caretaker Jeff Kathrein until 10AM the next morning.  Reasons in this long period of time for the boy to be found remains in dispute, but it probably added to the tragedy.

RBPF Spokeswoman, Inspector Loretta Mackey told the Associated Press that Jett Travolta died from a head injury, speculating a "seizure" caused Jett to fall and strike the bathtub.

A police autopsy is expected, as the parents claim a long running case of Kawasaki Syndrome as the culprit.  Kelly Preston had linked the illness and her son's seizures to a common household carpet-cleaner.  She credited a dangerous detoxification program (based on the writings of L. Ron Hubbard) with healing her son.

Preston told the Mirror, "Jett's whole immune system shut down and he got really sick with high fevers. He developed a rash on his body and swollen lymph glands. It was horrible. ... We're 90 per cent organic, though there's some canned foods, a little bit of junk food here and there."

John Travolta spoke with CNN's Larry King, "With my son ... I was obsessive about cleaning -- his space being clean, so we constantly had the carpets cleaned, and I think, between him, the fumes and walking around, maybe picking up pieces or something, he got what is rarely a thing to deal with, but it's Kawasaki Syndrome."

While promoting 'Ladder 49', Travolta described what was the first symptom of KS; "When Jett was 15 months old, Jett was hospitalised for five days. His whole body swelled up.  It was chemical poisoning from picking up toys or food particles from the carpet."

According to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about nine out of 100,000 children have Kawasaki Syndrome (mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome).

Speculations have determined the families KS claim as a lie.

Kawasaki Syndrome is a disorder that occurs in infants and children under age five. The illness is rarely seen in children older than 8 years old, it lasts for about 5 days with aspirin treatment & immune globulin (blood transfusions).

High fever from KS often causes an inflammation of artery walls throughout the body, which can lead to coronary disease or damage to other organs.  It comes with a variety of symptoms, including diarrhea, sore throat, peeling skin on the hands & fingers and rashes on the backside.

In nearly every case, children with KS make complete recoveries after receiving proper treatment.  Approximately 1 or 2 percent of cases die from the disease and its complications. While recurrences of the illness are extremely rare; Jett Travolta illness has reportedly lasted for years.

Fans and people close to the family are considering that The Church of Scientology's long history of psychiatry hatred and ignorance of mental illnesses has the Travolta family willfully denying an obvious case of autism. Among criticisms that John refused to give his son anti-seizure medication. McDermott cited that Depakote was administered until the drug lost its effectiveness and caused Jett serious organ damage.

To onlookers it was painfully obvious that Jett Travolta was autistic or suffered some mental deficiency. He lacked any real communicative abilities or constructive thinking, and is constantly lead by the hand like a toddler.  Jett was often confused by his surroundings and required a live-in caretaker/nanny (Jeff Kathrein).

The families connection to Scientology would not allow any diagnosis that Jett was autistic. It lead to activists & child rights groups such as Cure Autism Now to picket the Travolta/Preston family, stating that "the refusal to seek treatment for Jett Travolta was child abuse".

Family neighbor Tim Kenny, the father of a 4-year-old autistic girl with stated that Travolta was in denial, "Scientology is keeping him from acknowledging his son's autism. They see it as a weakness - an embarrassment".

John Travolta's older brother Joey (Joseph) Travolta had produced a documentary ('Normal People Scare Me') about the condition, but the family continued to dismiss autism and refused their son treatment.