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April 10, 2009

What Is Happening To Us?

By John Steinsvold

Is there an answer? Is it our government? Is it our economy? Is it our morals?



What Is Happening To Us?

We are the wealthiest and most powerful nation; but will we survive? We have complex and ugly economic problems that have no apparent answers. We have inequities and hypocrisies that make a mockery of our moral values. We have a future that is grim and uncertain.

What is happening to us? Is there an answer? Let us, for a moment, consider the following analogy:

There was once a master in need of a servant. He found a servant that proved to be most valuable. The master was able to achieve great wealth with the help of this unusual servant.

One day, the servant stumbled and fell; but the master lifted him to his feet. The servant stumbled and fell again; but again, the master lifted him to his feet. The servant, however, continued to stumble and fall; but the master kept lifting the servant to his feet. In time, the servant was carried by the master.

A medium of exchange has proved to be a valuable servant to civilized man. It has played a vital role in the success of our economy. We accept the problems it creates as part of our way of life. We do not question its need.

What is happening to us? The answer is clear. We have allowed the use of money to take control of our way of life. Indeed, what was once a valuable servant has become the master of our way of life.

Yes, some form of money has existed since biblical times. However, it is the first time in history we are faced with the economic problems we have today. Unfortunately, nearly everyone believes "money is a necessary evil". We have all been brainwashed since childhood to accept this slogan as an undeniable truth.

I believe, however, we have the capability to conduct our internal economic affairs without the need to use money. We have the necessary democratic government, we have the abundant resources, we have the educational facilities and also the technical knowledge to do so. I believe that once the American people become aware of the literally fantastic advantages that a way of life without money has to offer, they will elect the Congressmen who will make a way of life without money a reality. Laws will have to be enacted etc. I must admit however, the transition from our present economy to a way without money is frightening; It may be the toughest part; but Americans can be ingenious when they have to be. A tremendous amount of planning and organizing must take place. There will be objections by groups in power; but in a democracy, the majority will prevail.

A way of life without money was discussed in an essay titled: "An Alternative to Capitalism?". It was posted on OEN. For reference, the link is:

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I am a retired engineer living on Long Island, New York. I have the habit of believing in a better way of life. Enuf said?