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April 9, 2009

Just Who Are the Pirates?

By Stanimal

Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton say to "End the Scourge" of the Somali Pirates.


Secretary Of state Hillary clinton says to "End the Scourge" by the Somali pirates, yet she doesn't address their grievences of illegal toxic waste dumping and poaching of millions of tons of fish by trawlers from foreign lands.,2933,513258,00.html

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Stanimal is ???

I hear cries for freedom elsewhere, while the US becomes less so. I hear support for free markets, then demanding a bailout due to incompetence.
I roll my eyes at those that accuse others being oppressed while the US has and still continues to the same and much worse. Laughing at pinheads who purchase and profit from those they curse.

Every time I return to visit I see a country I no longer recognize. A shredded Constitution, a spineless Congress that is an accomplice to the self-appointed Executive that has committed Treason and War Crimes. And sea to shining sea of big box stores, strip malls and fast food joints that have degraded its uninsured-underpaid citizens to mostly debt-slavery with a few elite who horde the wealth to themselves.