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April 6, 2009

President Obama's ill advised trip to Turkey

By Jaff Sassani

We believe that President Obama should change the old and outdated USA policy our world. He should help rebuild our part of Muslim World first. The trick and treacheries of the past by the USA, EU and Israel are not going to help the USA people at all.So stop taking old and ill advise any more. The wars will bring more hardship for the people in the USA and our region too.


President Obama promised to improve relations with what he calls “the Muslim World”. He wants to treat the Muslim countries as equal partner for mutual interest. He means the interest of the USA and Muslim countries in Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa.

In the last few days in Europe; he was quoted to say “That the era of the United States attempting to dominate world affairs is over, saying he is committed to "collective action" by the 20 biggest economies to end the worst financial crisis in 80 years”. Honorable statement if he and his administrations are going to follow these declarations.

The adviser’s choices the first “Muslim World” countries for him to visit as President come out to be Turkey. We believe he was ill advised for the choice starting with. Turkey are not in the position to help the USA past performance in the Muslim world.

The truth hurt. If the US Government are changed their own policy to treat the Muslim world people equal to the people of Europe, Russian, India, Chinese and Japan then the US Government do not need countries like Turkey and Saudi to help them in the Muslim World.

The countries above are strong and their people more educated. They are not dominated by the USA any more. The Muslim world people feel; they are under the occupations of the USA and EU directly like Iraq and Afghanistan or indirectly like all those dictators and corrupt leaders allied to the USA and Europe. The people in Muslim World are suffering in the hand of those corrupt leaders whom are protected by the US Government for over sixty years now.

Turkey of PM Erdogan and his foreign policy is now “explicitly Islamist”. As Mr. Cagaptay’s analysis at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy are saying is true. PM are using west to defeat his own country military Generals. He is not peace maker period. If PM of Turkey are a peace maker then he should started with his own country Turkey. The Turks and Kurds are killing each other before he is born. All his life how much time he spends to make peace between Kurds and Turks in Turkey.

He is not different from Iranian, Iraqi or Syrian leaders. They are planning how to start wars not how to achieve peace.

Iran’s leaders are determined to build Atomic Bombs. They are not going to give in to Turkey or the USA and EU. The Turkish cards are not going to derail Iran’s goal.

Syrian’s are an ally of Iran for now. The entire Muslim World leaders have one thing in common. They are in business to abuse their own people and be rich through corruption. They are not after stability and freedom for the people.

The USA, EU should adopt the policy to help the people in the region instead of relying on corrupt and Islamist politician to bring peace and stability to the region.

The USA and Europe plus their baby Israel should forget about the old days of cultivating the Muslim World people through the corrupt politicians. They are the only part of the world with Africa left for the USA, EU and Israel to play with. Enough is enough don’t act as fool. Thanks to the Internet era every one knows who are behind the misery of the people in Muslim World.

The USA, EU and Israel should adopt the policy of humanity to rebuild the region. And start helping the people of the region to build few regional “Economic Union” before global “Economic Union”. And support the people actively to be free from corrupt people who are working for you and abusing the people in Muslim World.

That is the right policy not trying to follow the old and outdated policy of deceptions.


Jaff Sassani

From the SKDC


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We are an organization in Iran and Iraq to mobilize the Jaff people in both countries to have
Voice in the Kurdistan politics and defend our people's rights. This is our short term goals.
Our long term goals we like to establish the Aryan (Iranian) Economic Union (AU) similar to
the EU.
We believe that our people and the Kurdish people will be free when all the Iranian people
Get united for establishing the AU which every sub nations of the Aryan (Iranian) nations within the AU will have the right to form and have their own independent country within the AU.

Jaff Sassani
from the SKDC

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