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March 19, 2009

Terrorist Threat Revealed!

By Rafe Pilgrim

The Associated Press reports that burgeoning numbers of the homeless are now seeking shelter from the dark and the cold in the nation's airports. And what does our government say about this? Hey, they may be terrorists disguised as homeless!


The Jacksonville Times-Union's first black-ink  headline today advises:  "Pinch at pump won't hurt as much."  Dayem, a real bell-ringer there!  But it was topped by two headlines in color replete with pictorials, one advising that the Jaguars had cut their leading receiver after multiple drug arrests, and the other announcing:  "Barbie turns 50."

This is THE morning newspaper of a city of 1.4 million people, folks.  And after seven years of a continuing war and the grand theft of our economy by a consortium of our government and the multi-million-dollar-bonus crooks, that is where journalism is today in America.

No shockers there, but there is a beaut back on page 4:  "Larger airports becoming home to growing numbers of homeless,"  and there follows text from the Associated Press, which I believe may still be America's largest paper media agency.  

After exposing the "problem" of homeless people seeking night shelter from the cold on the hard benches of various major airports, the AP delivers this, and I quote:       

          "Federal authorities labeled this population a security threat in 2005, warning that terrorists might disguise themselves as homeless to do surveillance on their targets."           

That one must have somehow slipped by me in 2005, or did it, or was that poison not publicly administered, perhaps husbanded until the homeless were to become a larger specter across the world's once oldest democracy, such as they are in fact today, or perhaps was it just now alchemized as a distraction from the abuses of our financier-criminals.  In any event, we now have the answer to the issue of terrorism, and in the process of this discovery have one-upped omnicient Pogo himself!

Now get this my lil' ol' possum friend, directly from the guv'mint of the US of A:  WE HAVE MET THE TERRORISTS, AND THEY ARE THE HOMELESS!

This from my major daily newspaper and America's largest press agency!  My disgust at this behavior and my rage at the insensate electorate that tolerates such has gone beyond the regurgitative process.  I will now need to repair to my palmetto forest to the south, beyond phone, TV, the WEB, US mail service and school busses (and perhaps even the terrorist-trackers of my government) for several days in hopes of restoring my digestion and my spiritual fortitude.

 But I will be back, and when I return will be open -- as always -- to any of your ideas about how decent folks can DO SOMETHING THAT WILL MAKE AN ACTUAL DIFFERENCE.

Remember now: no slogans, no national activist-junkie org indulgence, no feckless pieties, no partisan persistence, certainly no  more "patience" and "we're making progress" nonsense.

The operative words are MAKE AN ACTUAL DIFFERENCE.  And the time is NOW. 

Submitters Bio:
Rafe Pilgrim, after "a life largely wasted on hard honest work," found himself a jungle of turkey oak, scrub pine and giant palmettos up a dirt road running east of Crystal River, Florida, which neither school busses nor the U.S. Postal Service dare to assay. Sharing a house of his own design with Spanky the cat, Darla a pit bull, and a foundling of mysterious breed named Alfalfa -- all collectively known as Our Gang -- he spends his time "productively: writing poetry, working for peace, and gazing at the sky."


Central High School of Philadelphia, University of Maryland, Syracuse University, University of Maine, Ursinus College, Air Force Intelligence (Washington D.C., Germany), Ford Motor Company, Philco-Ford Corporation, Eighth Day Gallery, Phi Kappa Phi, Romey Everdell Award for Journalism,(1988), Hole in one (1998), and struggling to find America ever since 2000.