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March 12, 2009

Cowardly Mass Media Watchdogs

By Ed Komarek

The corporate mainstream media cowardly fail to report on fraud, criminial activity etc. until the damage has already been done. Then they add insult to injury when they denigrate as conspiracy theorists those citizen journalists that do report before the burgler leaves the house with family's valuables.


       The dictionary defines a coward as a person who lacks courage or is afraid.  Have we become a global society of cowards?  Are we individually and collectively cowards who out of fear and or greed have failed to face the challenges before us.  Over the past seventy years since the great depression of the 1930s have we created the conditions for yet another great depression including global financial, economic, political and environmental catastrophe?  Is the mainstream corporate controlled media partly to blame?

       I have become a citizen writer, a journalist for the Internet media on exopolitics.  I have arrived in this position more or less by default rather than of my own choosing because the mainstream media have been asleep at the switch on this and other issues of great importance to humanity.  The mainstream media have the resources and connections to quickly ferret out the truth but lack the knowledge, will and courage to properly investigate, expose and report on extraterrestrial realities.   

       In the case of the collapse of the global financial and economic system the mainstream media lapdogs now have suddenly magically transformed into watchdogs and begun to bark and sound the alarm once the burglar has safely left the house with the family’s valuables.  Suddenly after the fact, government, regulators and the corporate media are expressing outrage with the fraud and mismanagement that lead to the financial meltdown.

       As we fall into possibly another great depression, public confidence in all institutions both public and private is rapidly eroding and that includes the mainstream media. This can only lead to eventual severe political consequences and with the extraterrestrial fallout, possibly a global human existential crisis as well.

       As conditions worsen citizen activist writers continue to sound the alarm on horses yet to leave the barn, only as usual to be denigrated as conspiracy theorists by the cowardly corporate media.  In the mainstream corporate media’s eyes a journalist is a conspiracy theorist if that person reports on criminal conspiracies before the criminal makes off with the loot. 

       As it turns out my specialty is exopolitics and there is one huge exopolitical white elephant dwarfing all the horses left in the barn.  The mainstream media and government authorities are bunched up in a corner of the barn completely intimidated and cowering in fear, whimpering while they watch this huge white elephant about to leave.  One can only imagine the media and government outrage once this story breaks into the mainstream media.

       This elephant is the covert super-secret alien resource trade secretly controlled by a corporate cartel of multinational and national companies that maintain an anti-competitive monopoly on this highly profitable trade through a massive UFO/ET cover-up.

       Some of these companies like General Electric even own major media outlets.  This extraterrestrial issue is going to be the last shoe to drop, the most damaging fraud and deception ever perpetrated on the unsuspecting and propagandized global public.  The social, economic, political and environmental damage done by this cartel-trust to our global civilization has been massive with global overpopulation and environmental catastrophe imminent.

       When the UFO/ET disclosure wall of denial and ridicule finally crumbles down on the unsuspecting public, the effects are bound to be traumatic and revolutionary with severe consequences for economic and global political systems.  Just as with the financial and economic meltdown, large numbers of people who are unprepared are going to find themselves in extremely difficult straits financially, emotionally and mentally.  A whole global way of life will have simply gone with the wind as happened to the old south after the Civil War and in Russia when the USSR disintegrated in the 1980s.

       Still, there is hope in these troubled times because the truth like fire will eventually run it course in spite of all futile attempts at truth suppression and wasted taxpayer monies.  Once the lies, deceptions, monopolies, entrenched interests and other rot created over the past seventy years falls away, the stage will be set for societal renewal, creativity and innovation to once again flourish.  A new age of enlightenment and understanding is possible if we choose to take it and not fall back into our old destructive selfish deceptive ways to begin the renewal-destructive cycle all over again.

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Ed Komarek writes articles and books on diverse topics of national and international interest. The first book Ed wrote was UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder that is available for free on its website. Ed's second book Fire In Nature, A Fire Activists Guide is also free on its website.