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February 20, 2009

Is Air Force One Becoming Obama's Mission Accomplished Albatross

By Royce Penstinger

Obama wants Americans to tighten their belts while he flies Air Force One to Chicago for Valentine's Night Dinner at a cost of $53,000 per hour. Today he flies to Denver in Air Force One at a cost of $53,000 when he could sign the bill in the Oval this what he calls BELT TIGHTENING? It is time for the White House to LEAD BY EXAMPLE, and today's trip to Denver in Air Force One is a bad example.


Remember Bush and his Mission Accomplished Banner on the aircraft carrier? Well, Air Force One is rapidly becoming President Barack Obama's Mission Accomplished. This behemoth plane costs $53,000 PER HOUR to, for him and his wife to have Valentine's Night dinner in their favorite CHICAGO night spot he spent how much of our TAX DOLLARS whisking himself, his family and STAFF to Chicago? Now today we have him leaving Washington, DC to fly to Denver where he will sign the Stimulus Bill, where he will deliver a speech asking Americans each and everyone to tighten our own belts, to make sacrifices to get us through these tough economic times. Uhhh....most Americans are not fond of the "Do as I say, not as I do" messages.

What is wrong with this would cost the American Tax PAYERS nothing to have President Obama arrange a Stimulus Bill signing ceremony at the White House...instead, we have him getting in a plane with a FLOCK OF REPORTERS (referred to by White House staff as press gaggle) and flying it round trip around 5 hours (in the air) at a cost of $53,000 dollars per hour. Now tell me Mr. Obama what kind of a signal are you sending in spending $262,000 in operating costs on that Jumbo Jet to GET OUT OF WASHINGTON...what kind of signal are you sending to Americans in spending HOW MUCH OF OUR MONEY to have dinner in Chicago, to sign the Stimulus Bill in Denver. Live as you ask us to live, LEAD BY EXAMPLE. How dare you ask us to tighten our belts when you are using Air Force One like it is a TAXI.

If you expect every American to make sacrifices to save our nation, we expect our White House and our President to make some sacrifices of their own...that means PARKING THE JUMBO 747...your's and Hillary Clintons, and let us not forget about Nancy Pelosi and her penchant for flying her own plane as well. Those planes should be used only for MUST DO BUSINESS...Clinton flying to Asia is a must use situation, but come on, did you REALLY HAVE TO FLY TO CHICAGO? NO! As Suze Orman would say Obama, it is time the White House learns the difference between what they WANT, and what they NEED. You WANTED to fly to Chicago, you WANTED to sign the Stimulus Bill in Denver, but you did not NEED to make either trip on the backs of the American Tax Payers at a cost of $53,000 per hour.

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