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February 6, 2009

Kelloggs and hypocrisy.

By Daniel Gugliotta

Michael Phelps is an All American boy.


By now we all know the story of Michael Phelps and his indescretion.

The problem that I have is, what was his indescretion? Was it the fact that he got caught? Was it the fact that he may have broke some law, or was it that we cannot let a superhero lead us to believe that smoking cannabis is not as harmful as the government would like us to believe.

Michael Phelps made a mistake, but his mistake was being naive and not realizing that in this country we have no privacy,(check out the new Google Earth), especially if you are a public figure.

Michael Phelps is a young man. Michael Phelps is not superman, although he has performed like a superman.

Michael Phelps, like many of the kids his age, have smoked Cannabis. It is now time to put a stop to this tyrannical obsession with the criminalization of this herb. Phelps would have been better off caught tipsy from drinking too much, or being sexually assaulted by groupies. After all, these are All American things that society can relate to.

Kelloggs has now dropped him from their advertizing. Most of Kelloggs products are not k e double l o double good. Check the ingredients on most of their cereal boxes and you will find it devoid of most nutritional value. Made from refined flour and corn syrup along with preservatives, the cereal must be fortified with supplements in order to sell their product as being healthful. In fact Mr Kellogg would roll over in his grave if he knew what we were feeding our children.

I am usually not in favor of boycotts and would only recommend that you think twice and carefully read the ingredients label before you buy another Kelloggs product. They can drop Michael Phelps, but can they prevent their products from causing diabetes and health issues to millions of their consumers.

Oh the humanity.

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An independant thinker and an Independent. Semi-retired small business owner, happily married for 36 years. Florida State senior olympic champion, now living in a geodesic dome in Tn. I call em as a I sees em. Enough boring stuff, Let's get it on.