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October 10, 2008

Cindy McCain onstage

By Martha Moffett

Have you noticed John McCain's onstage shadow? It's Cindy.


At every stump speech and rally, one person is standing just behind John McCain's left shoulder.  It's his wife Cindy, tall, blond, elegantly dressed and coiffed.  Am I wrong in thinking this is unusual?

How many wives accompany their husbands on the campaign trail and stand on the platform with him every time?  Oh, sure, on special occasions -- conventions, ceremonials, etc.  But every speech?  Every rally?  Occasionally Sarah Palin is there.  But Cindy is always there.

Maybe  she has special responsibilities.  One must be to key the audience to appropriate responses.  As John speaks, expressions play over her face: approval, agreement, disbelief, joy.  If the crowd is in doubt, they can follow her lead.  When he waves at the crowd, she waves.

Or maybe she carries the meds.  Maybe she's had special training in CPR.  Maybe she stands between John and reality.

Must be nice to be useful. 

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Martha Moffett is a  retired editor, now a freelance line editor, and a writer (see books on Amazon)