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October 7, 2008

The Total Collapse of America

By Michael Morris

Our nation is poised to fail, not because of defeat at the hands of an foe, but from our own corruption and greed and the total lack of courage of the American People who once were the envy of the world.


This week I saw the death of friends, Paul Newman and Uncle Sam with his wife Lady Liberty.  While we all die and I knew that Paul had cancer, I thought that I would never see the death of this great nation, but I was wrong.

This week, Marie Bush and the French congress yelled from the safety of the gates of the hill that Americans should just eat cake and be happy.  To illustrate the total detachment with reality, of which I believe that $700 billion is only 1/3rd the true number, the kings and queens of American society added $150 billion in pork for their dinner table while we forage for grub worms for our children.

While most Americans have a dim view of the French, the French had one thing at that time that America has lost, courage.  See when they were told to eat cake and shut up, they had the courage to storm the gates and even though many died in the process, heads did roll for the actions taken against the will of the people.  Alas, we sit like sheep in a pen waiting to be slaughtered for the financial lamb chops feast of the elite.

For years the main stream media has been the propaganda child of those who would seek to deny the people of this great nation the truth.  Years ago freelance journalists like me and many others tried to warn the public that there was a problem, the main street media told us how great things are reading from the Whitehouse playbook.  A prime example of this total disillusionment was during Katrina when the Governor of Louisiana  was stating everybody was doing a great job and the evacuation was proceeding normally, while in the split screen a body was floating by the camera.  (My hats off to Anderson Cooper for that, but where are you now?)  Or how about “Great Job Brownie” by the master deceiver.

The root of this entire mess in America is the total collapse of the fundamental core that made America great, the morals, ethics and accountability for ones actions that ruled our society until the recent past.  The chief cause of this abandonment of these principals is our justice system and system of laws that are now governed by greed, political agenda’s and deception of “right and wrong”.

 Once again, as I did with Elliot Spitzer in 2004 and that America is no longer a signatory to the Human Right Convention of Torture and Abuse in 2007, I am now going to culminate a story that was over 12 years in the investigation.

As most of the “informed” readers in America who have read my articles about the bastion of evil that we call our justice system, I have consistently said that the system has become so corrupt that the ultimate delusion of denial has infected our court systems like an aggressive cancer with no cure but to cut it from the body it infects, America.  It is a cancer that creates the delusion that the system is fine and the foundation is strong, deceptions of such magnitude that only Satin himself could sell to Americans.

For anyone who does not get his news from the Homer Simpson show, last October President Bush and his merry band of thieves and robbers told America with a straight face that the “Economic Foundation” of America was strong and that we would pull through this “down turn”.  Also as my mother pointed out in case anyone has forgotten, under Bush #1, we (America) had to bail out the savings and loans.  What is it with the Bush’s, they hate Jews?  Then again, Junior is always seen holding hands with Arabs.

The bottom line to all of this mess is that the lies and the greed of a few has once again been shoved down our throats like Lady Liberty is a cheap hooker in an alley because those who were entrusted to report the truth, i.e. the main stream media, and those entrusted to be the watchdogs to prevent such greed and corruption have become so riddled with the cancer of denial that the total inability to even fathom the truth let alone see it have put us into what I think will be  a $2.1 TRILLON dollar bailout.  All tentacles of this growth lead back to the core cancer, our courts and justice system.

Right now here in Pennsylvania the Attorney General Thomas Corbett is refusing to act upon undeniable evidence that a crime was committed in part by a court system in Montgomery County Pennsylvania.  In that case a bank admitted in another court case that money was stolen from an innocent party under the guise of a “valid court order” destroying that person’s life and others involved.  This one act shows that this level of disease has consumed every level of Government in this country and a massive dose of moral and ethical chemotherapy needs to be given to the entire system, from the 9 knuckle heads on mount Olympus to the local yokels.  If this is not done, and soon, this Nation will never recover from this coma and will die.

Thomas Jefferson once said "Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers, too plainly prove a deliberate, systematic plan of reducing [a people] to slavery." --Thomas Jefferson: Rights of British America, 1774. (*) ME 1:193, Papers 1:125 and he also stated “Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies”.  Such is where we are today.

Thomas Jefferson did not write these words because he had nothing better to do that day but because our founding fathers were fully aware and vigilant of what could be used to bring this great newly formed nation to its knees.  He was right, and while it took over 200 years for the powers that have slithered into office to accomplish this, the echoing words of Thomas Jefferson have become reality. 

Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson.

Based in part of the investigation of my own case and others, I am working to draft legislation that would remove Judicial Immunity as my case and others I have investigated, prove that the foxes and the weasels have conspired to slaughter the hens to rob us of our nest eggs and place us on the dinner table.  If you do not believe that statement, take the blinders off and take a REAL good look around.

My fellow Americans, it is time that as Admiral Yamamoto feared would happen and stated prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, that the sleeping giant awake and pour out its wrath upon those who have plundered our self respect our reputation and our wealth.  We can no longer afford to live as alcoholics, dunk with big houses, fancy cars and flat screen TV’s filled with reality TV shows that have only one purpose, divert us from the truth.  It is time to draw our own line in the sand and realize that the “British” are already here kicking down our doors, not with Red Coats and muskets but Armani Suits and gavels.  We as a nation must admit that our Government has utterly and totally failed in its duty and obligation to “We the People” and the only way to fix this problem is to use the same tactic that has been used on the American people for decades, FEAR!

Fear that if need be we will drag the criminals from office we have the courage to do so, fear that if change is not immediate, a new Declaration of Independence (or in this case a Divorce Decree) leaving the debt and issues that have been orcastrated for personal profit in the hands of those debt creators.  Fear that Americans have finally grown a backbone unafraid to stand up to anyone in our Government and the greatest fear of all that those entrusted with power WILL be held accountable for their actions.

I ask all of my fellow American’s to pick up a phone everyday, write a letter every week and demand from our elected officials that they do the job they were hired to do.  That special interests are ELIMINATED and violators of this law are shot on sight, that PORK is eliminated from Washington’s table and that those who have committed crimes be held accountable for those crimes just a surly you and I would be.  I would also ask that every American contact Pennsylvania Attorney General Thomas Corbett and demand that the court system in Montgomery County be held accountable for their actions and that an investigation be done.

If you do not do this, do not phone and write and participate BEYOND the voting booth,  then don’t you dare complain about fuel prices, or taxes or anything else.  You do not have the right to complain if you do not do YOUR civic duty and hold our elected officials accountable to the people and DEMAND the change in the status quo that has bankrupted our great nation morally, ethically and financially.  

Remember “The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”: FDR’s First Inaugural Address

Submitters Bio:
Michael C. Morris has been involved in racing since the age of twelve (12) when he took a summer job working at Terry’s Speed Shop located in Phoenixville PA.

With the help of his brother John Morris, they teamed up and joined Razzberry Racing. In the 90’s, the team was building their own cars to complete in the Sports Car Club of
America’s National Classes when in 1993 Michael joined Ed Arnold Racing with David
Donahue, son of the legendary Mark Donahue, to run in the 1993 IMSA Supercar.

Michael Morris is accredited and newly accepted journalist with the World Bank. Michael Morris as worked for ABC News Radio covering auto racing venues such as LeMans and SEMA.

His special interests in journalism are politics with special interest in the nation’s court system, especially the Family Court System and the intentional use of children for profit by that system, and the special interest groups that control our nation’s courts.