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June 6, 2008

The Incident

By Rafe Pilgrim

The citizens need to be aware of and prevent the possibility of an incident to be manufacted to deny us the election of a new goverment in November, 2008.


 When will it happen?  The Incident that again raises the rally cry to Support Our Troops.  To support their Commander-in-Chief.  To re-enfranchise Bush, Cheney, Rice et al. as the protectors of the American Way and the defenders of Democracy and Freedom around the world.  The Incident that “requires” suspension of yet more civil rights and personal liberties, that takes spying upon citizens by their own government to a new level.  The Incident that “justifies” more torture.  The Incident that further paralyzes the media from reporting what is the case.  The Incident that buries truth even deeper.  That “necessitates” attacking Iran, Syria, North Korea and others yet to be identified as “enemies of freedom.”                                                                                                                                                                                                  The incident that could be “ignored only at our peril,” one requiring continuity of leadership to deny the “enemies of freedom” any advantage, thereby “necessitating” the November election to be “deferred”?Unimaginable?  Alarmist, you say?   Think very carefully and deeply about what some very few have recognized since 2002, but which many more now are just beginning to comprehend.  And there remain some who still cannot admit to themselves that their government lied to them to facilitate its treachery.   Brace up now to the FACTS that many could not allow as imaginable, starting in 2002.  Brace up now to the “unimaginable” that could indeed be just one more step in the ladder of treachery to be taken in 2008.                                                                                                                                                                                        The reality is that Uncle Sam has gotten sicker with each day for the past seven years.  It’s time now for the citizens to ADMIT to the diagnosis.  It’s time to toss out the witch doctors, and to make certain that they are denied further conjuring to “defend freedom around the world.”  It’s time for surgeons of integrity, intelligence, courage and goodwill who will tell the citizens the truth.  But of most urgent importance, it is time for the citizens to wake up, take a critical interest in their government, and to demand that it does the right thing by them.                                                                                                                                                                            The further destruction of America rests in the hands of a treacherous government. Make no mistake:  the Incident lurks, straining at its tether.  Only we the citizens can prevent its being unleashed.  ..............................................Rafe Pilgrim, June 6, 2008 

Authors Bio:
Rafe Pilgrim, after "a life largely wasted on hard honest work," found himself a jungle of turkey oak, scrub pine and giant palmettos up a dirt road running east of Crystal River, Florida, which neither school busses nor the U.S. Postal Service dare to assay. Sharing a house of his own design with Spanky the cat, Darla a pit bull, and a foundling of mysterious breed named Alfalfa -- all collectively known as Our Gang -- he spends his time "productively: writing poetry, working for peace, and gazing at the sky."


Central High School of Philadelphia, University of Maryland, Syracuse University, University of Maine, Ursinus College, Air Force Intelligence (Washington D.C., Germany), Ford Motor Company, Philco-Ford Corporation, Eighth Day Gallery, Phi Kappa Phi, Romey Everdell Award for Journalism,(1988), Hole in one (1998), and struggling to find America ever since 2000.