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May 9, 2008

Find Dropshipping suppliers Online!

By Mike Gracia

Avoid the spammy sites and scam artists! - Learn how, with a little hard work and some good research, you can find that perfect supplier!


What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is where you sell your products (online usually, although can be paper based mail order) and your supplier ships direct to your customers. Obviously you sell the goods for more than you pay for them, and keep the profit.

This is a great way to run a business as a part time income generator, or even a full time job. All that is left for you to do really is market the business.

The great part about dropshipping is that you have no outlay for stock, but yet you may be able to start a business selling hundreds of products (depending on your suppliers!) The profit tends to be lower at first glance, but then again, if you look at real profits… as in take in to account all of the warehousing costs etc. of businesses that hold stock, then the profit can be reasonable.

Many dropshippers sell products on eBay, for example. Although the mark-up can be quite low if you do this.

It does sound simple, doesn’t it? – But, where can I find dropship suppliers?

Dropship forums

There are a few online forums full of dropshippers, and their suppliers. Don’t expect to walk in as a newbie and be told peoples best suppliers however! – Its best to join first, chat for people for a few days and build up some trust on the forums before embarking on supplier gathering missions! – That said, dropshipping forums can be a great place to learn from others mistakes, and which suppliers to avoid!

Find Dropshippers Online

Searching known wholesale supplier’s websites for signs of dropshipping options is one idea. Your other option here is to actually contact the wholesalers directly, and see if they already dropship, or are willing to start.

Free Dropshippers lists

Well, google “free dropshippers lists” and you will, more than likely just find a lot of useless spam type of sites! – Much better to try the forums and get advice from the guys that are already making a success of their dropship business!

Why the Right dropship Supplier is SO Important.

The right supplier is everything in the dropshipping world!

The wrong supplier may:

  • Not give tracking numbers for shipments… meaning you are in trouble if items get lost in the post
  • Post orders out late – again, leaving you with upset customers, and possibly demanding refunds
  • Steal you customers… By putting their marketing materials in with your orders! – meaning all your business promotion goes to waste in the long run!
  • May not update their stock levels, meaning you take payment for out of stock items!

So, you see, it is well worth the time and effort that it takes to find the right supplier. This can take a little time, and work… but then what business venture doesn’t? – And when you have the perfect supplier, then your business is set to sky rocket!

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