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April 17, 2008

Gas Will Be $4.50 Per Gallon By August in Georgia

By William Cormier

If gas companies already know what the price of gas will be in August, isn't that "price fixing?"


I can’t state what gas prices will be in other states, however, in Georgia, it’s already known that in August, gas will be approximately $4.50 cents per gallon. Yesterday, while buying gas at a new Chevron Station, the clerk told me that they had been advised by their suppliers that in August, the price per gallon had already been determined. To those that believe it’s because of supply and demand - I say Bulls*it!

I have three sons, two who are managers for a large chain of convenience store/gas stations. Last night, I asked one of my sons if this was true, and to my surprise, he stated that the chain they work for had also been advised that prices will be at approximately $4.50 per gallon in August. I was under the false impression that the gas industry was regulated by supply and demand, however, when the operators of these stations already know months in advance what the prices will be - to me, that smacks of “price fixing” even though we know that Americans are driving less and actually consuming less gas than the “norm” for the United States.

In short, it appears that the oil companies have already determined what we will pay at the pumps whether we drive less or not, and in my opinion, that’s a clear indicator of price fixing - something that I believed was illegal, but for the oil companies, it appears they are self-regulating and whether we reduce our consumption or not, gas prices in August have already been agreed upon, not by one, but at least two companies that I’m personally aware of; What’s wrong with this picture?

William Cormier

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My Bio is as varied as my life. In 2012, my twin sons murdered a Journalist in Pensacola, Fl., for 100K worth of "Magic The Gathering" playing cards and buried the body in my backyard. I was once a regular writer here, but PTSD from my son's actions took their toll. First, I lost everything I had. Second, I lost my fiancee. Third, I almost lost my life. Recovery has been a hard and lonesome road, and it isn't quite over yet. I will overcome this disaster as I have others, and return to college to resume my quest to receive a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism.

Admittedly, I have chosen to get back in the mix and do my duty to help destroy any chance that Trump may have of being elected to a second term.