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February 29, 2008

The Question of Forbidden Questions

By amazin

When you see mention of these 'forbidden questions', does it merely pique your curiosity, or does the ground shake for you so you realize it is something altogether more significant?


We note now and then in these very pages mention that a journalist has dared ask about some such subject as the deportation of ‘the dancing Israelis’, or of Dov Zakheim’s implication in ‘the 2.3 trillion missing from the Pentagon defense funds’, only to have been told that such questions are ‘forbidden’, otherwise meeting a persistent hail of flak, which only indicates the same thing and amounts to the same answer.

But ‘forbidden’, are they now? ‘Forbidden’, eh? Ultimately by whom? we may legitimately wonder. And does this merely pique your curiosity, or does the ground shake for you so you realize it is something altogether more significant?

Do the forbidders think we are children and will accept the rebuke and mind our own business? – Ah, the reporters’ jobs were on the line, were they? But this is our business, we are not reporters, and we don’t have to worry about what some puffed-up pusillanimous jerks may fear they might not get away with.

No, it is exactly such questions to which we require either answers or the slammer and the block for those who are shy about offering them.

You see, you public have little or no idea what is going on. I will show you what I mean.

I hark back to one single such instance from personal experience. The case concerned a mere thirty-one thousand million US dollars – Sure, not much in these days of sliding values, but this was twenty-five or so years ago, when 31 b. USD was still a tidy sum. A certain ‘President’, now gratifyingly dead, was paid two hundred million to accept the deal, and I was told two years later by no less than a prince that fifty-two percent of the total was still in offshore banks, earning - no, making - between one and two billion USD per year in interest for the ‘pres’, a philandering Socialist, and his buddy, a communist with later a well-deserved reputation for arrogance to journalists, which he then could easily afford. That, please remember, was just a single case, and they could do a case per week if they wished, with ‘their’ unsuspecting populations having to repay it all, in full, via taxes of all kinds, inflation, ever more stringent working conditions, unemployment and hardship. Yes, this is the unsuspected ugly reality of 'international finance', unfortunately in its daily relevance to all our countries. You don't think so? Sorry to disillusion you, but you had better think again.

Our politicians' politics or other beliefs are merely incidental, of course. All men at that level are just frail mortal integers who will do anything asked of them against their captive populations if it means getting themselves . . . that rich! Well now, that may be ‘politics’ for you, but in my book it is sheer roguery, with a whole slice of each nation’s society engaged in keeping such matters hush-hush on the basis of ‘a national secret’. Sure. Understandably.

I remember a colleague in the case - they were all cheated of commission and wondering what to do about it - wailing publicly, “We will all be killed! We will all be killed!” Another colleague in the case was indeed assassinated, but I think it was for some other ‘offense’, as all those involved were criminals at heart for those amounts.

But you see, when it gets to the matter of who in our government accepts what, and ultimately from whom, these are the questions we require to be answered immediately and without prevarication. We want to know from the corrupt bribed and bribers exactly who is doing what, because ultimately our lives and those of our children depend on receiving the right answers, and now!

Well, some of these answers we know already, don’t we?

The dancing Israelis, with evidence of explosives in their van and failed lie-detector tests, who later admitted that they had come, in good time and so – from their own lips – with foreknowledge of what was to eventuate, ‘to record the event’ – these merry dancers were deported without trial to ‘their homeland’ by none other than Michael Chertoff. It is a measure of ‘our leaders'’ contempt for us that this dubious individual is now our dual-nationality ‘Head of Homeland Security’ (1). And he squeaks that he mistrusts the internet? Yes, he should. We can tell the truth about him and his accomplices. – 'Homeland' and 'Security', eh? How rich!

The missing 2.3 trillion Pentagon money – that is more than our entire defense budget for the last fifteen or twenty years – went missing under the watchful eye of another devout dual-nationalist, Dov Zakheim, (2) and our friendly war-mongering ghoul and former 'Defense'-Secretary Donald Rumsfeld quipped that DZ ‘has a handle on it, and it’s a long handle,’ the very day before ‘the missle’, as Rumsfeld himself said, hit the exact spot where the Navy Intelligence Department was investigating just that missing 2.3 t. USD – A little too convenient, perhaps? What says our Navy to that and to their dead? - So the matter was then forgotten . . . Do you think any of it should be?

We also now know that tower 7 fell under the gentle persuasion of thermate, which cannot be installed in just a few hours - Yes, as did 1 and 2. A certain someone - a personal friend of Sharon, Netanyahu and Barak, by the way - had paid out a few million and arranged all this to also try to collect 7.3 b. And even though his daughter said that when he heard his own employees had died – been murdered – in the atrocity ‘the light went from his eyes’ – aaaahhh, happily, yes, like the others, he is still walking around free and . . . Rich! – Well, moneyed: that is a little different, isn’t it?

But, though we know these answers, we don’t know them all. I have asked and researched without result apart from ‘There is no information,’ for such things as these –

I require a detailed report of all the country-loans that have been made to all the countries of the world for the last one hundred and fifty years, whether in funds or in loan-guarantees - which in the right hands are as good as cash. I want to know the origin of this money in each case, both its nominal figure and its emitted figure, a detailed account of all 'retentions' and in whose favor they were retained, and the subsequent onward transfers of all amounts greater than one thousand dollars from its initial transfer for a year and a day thenceforward, plus an account of its total repayment, to whom, and what then happened to it.

I want a list of all ‘the foundations’ or 'trusts' in the world, both taxed and tax-free, an examination of their contents and what use has ever been made of all this ninety percent of all the world’s money ever-fulminating incestuously therein.

I already know the answers to some of these things, but most of you don’t know even of the existence of any of it. So it would be nice to see it admitted in print so I could show it to you and you could show it to others and we could set the world aright, rather than you just having to take my word for it all – We know how rightfully skeptical some of you can be in these deceitful times. It’s only a pity that your skepticism does not focus on worthier targets. Oh yes, there are plenty of them under many a pious smile.

I ask these things though, you see, and you should know of them because this is our only planet with which these villains are toying so prejudicially, and we can hardly believe that this rule of unadorned and rampant capitalism as now perpetrated was what God had in mind as a satisfactory way of life for His creatures when He created His Almighty Universe. I mean, is it really ideal for any lifeform regularly to cause its other members to turn on and cut swathes through the rest of the members of its own species? - No, not even the graceful hyenas do that. And damage its own host planet just to gain bits of papers and numbers of illusory 'value'? - I mean, come on! Even dumb humans such as we have been made can surely do better than this!

Then let's just do better!

But these are Secret Matters of State, you say? No, Reader, these things should be clearly known by everyone, including whose 'coin' it is that is being accepted, what the bribers' real intentions are and what the real price of such treachery will be to both bribers and bribed. And these days ‘Bank Secrecy’ is more concerned with just hiding the extent of their exposure to sub-prime-guaranteed junk holdings so they can get the hell out before their client depositors try to.

Then, as we can see that finance on this scale is used only to control, corrupt, swindle and deprive all others, I want to see all such finance given its only worthy destiny – Abolition and extinction.

And by the way, for any who suspect envy on my part, I will point out that this marvellous planet produces real abundance for everyone, but due to this deviously premeditated greedy grab by a very few the vast majority of the Earth's inhabitants are in desperate penury and many do not have enough even to live. Just try putting yourself in their place for once.

As we see the truly evil consequences of Bush-Cheney, Bliar, Aznar and many others around the world all prancing obediently to the tune of other masters, we have to realize that there must be no forbidden questions, and no dishonest answers. Or it surely has to be the block for offenders.

Thank you.

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A grouchy but well-informed know-all with much experience of the low-down low-life infesting and animating 'high-finance', and what to do about it, Keith P. occasionally emerges from the obscure depths of the Youreapeon forests to eye the current world, growl a few obscenities and lurch back into the darkness whence he came.