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February 17, 2008

Does Lawlessness Nullify the Administration's Contract with the Governed?

By Phillip Michaels

Questions whether lawlessness of the administration violates its contract with the governed.


In our system police officers usually are the front line of defense in deterrence of illegal activity.  However, in recent years lawbreakers appear to extend deep into the executive branch of government where the police have little power.  The actions of the President and his partners in crime throughout the executive branch and even at the very top of the judicial branch of government have not been subject to any limitations, even from the co-equal branch of government, the Congress.  As a result the Executive branch has  been able to successfully use appointees on the Supreme Court to overthrow the will of the voters in a Presidential election, initiated a war of aggression killing hundreds of thousands of people through an orchestrated campaign of lies; laid the legal groundwork for setting aside democracy for martial law; kidnapped and tortured people; ignored duly passed legislation, listened to our phone calls, read our emails and tracked our financial activities without the required authorization of a court.


Overarching Presidential grabs for power have happened before.  In an earlier age another Republican President, drunk with power, believed that he too was above the law and ordered illegal spying on the opposition party.  Congress investigated and prepared to impeach the man and his minions for the damage they had done to our system of government.  With the threat of impeachment the President and the cabal that supported and directed him fled from power, unpunished and—unfortunately—unrepentant, only to have many of the same actors reemerge 40 years later under a new banner, the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), to try an upgraded version of the imperial Presidency on Americans.


This time there has been almost no response from the Congress.  Further, the Executive Branch is apparently beyond the reach of the FBI and the Justice Department.  Even Congressional subpoenas are ignored.  The Constitution of the United States is apparently no longer a living document. The government’s contract with the people has been nullified by an Executive branch determined to carry out its own will outside its contract with the governed.  Perhaps it is time for this lawless administration to remember another time when Americans faced a cowardly tyrant who recognized no law but himself.  That portion of our shared history began with,


“When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another…”


In view of where lawlessness at the top of government leads it is imperative that Congress put impeachment back on the table...today.

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