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September 21, 2005

No Exit; descending into hell with George W. Bush

By Mike Whitney

"Character is fate," said Marcus Aurelius and the American people are now hoplessly linked to the dwindling fortunes of their misguided leader, George Bush


No Exit; descending into hell with George Bush by Mike Whitney

The bodies of the mangled and bloated corpses are no where to be found on America’s news programs. Like the countless dead in Iraq they’re purged from the coverage and stripped from the public record. They’ve been replaced by the well-scrubbed visage of the Potemkin-president issuing his comforting words for his people.
“New Orleans will rise again,” Bush crowed, invoking the worn phraseology of the slave era.
For a White House that prides itself on appearances and spends over $62 million per year on public relations firms; the Bush monologue on national TV was a dismal performance. His limp promises of restoration, all ringing with the same free-market timbre that has left Kabul and Baghdad in a shambles, fell well short of the mark. The ruinous affects of his tenure are now everywhere to be seen and even the media’s impenetrable smokescreen seems to be lifting.

Disaster follows Bush like a shadow. It is the one inescapable fact that haunts his 58 years, and it should provide some meager relief for those who believe that he and his vile regime cannot be brought down.
Just look around; Iraq, Afghanistan, Enron, Cheney’s energy-papers, the deficits, the courts, the UN, Israel-Palestine, New Orleans, the corporate-corruption, the war-profiteering, the incompetence, the lies; everything Bush
touches is reduced to rubble. No institution, however protected, can withstand the onslaught of his withering company; the vast wreckage extends in every direction.
“Character is fate,” Marcus Aurelius said; it is a straight line drawn from a man’s birth to his final hour. Some men will fail in everything they do and there is no force in the universe that can alter their destiny.
Harken, Arbusto, Spectrum, the Texas Rangers and now the United States of America; all following the predictable downward spiral into the muck. The trajectory cannot be amended by simply putting down the bottle. Failure is an indelible blotch, like the mark of Cain, forever embossed on the soul of its victim. Its part of Bush’s genetic-code, as integral to the whole mechanism as the cocky-drawl or the lumbering gait.
The Project for the New American Breakdown is headed for the political land-fill scuttled by its luckless wagon-master corporate-George.
The street scenes of submerged New Orleans, now littered with the unattended carcasses of blue-faced victims is the Bush legacy. It can be softened with the dulcet prose of the New York Times or air-brushed by the feigned-compassion of TV-anchormen, but the truth keeps popping its head up through the weeds revealing the devastation.
New Orleans won’t go away; won’t disappear “into that good night.” America’s beloved Southern port-o-call has been vanquished by neglect, pummeled by the erosion of its wetlands and the weakening of its levees. Now, the tens of thousands of refugees are fleeing the previously thriving metropolis much like the people of Falluja, Tal Afar and Samarra.
In Iraq the effects of Hurricane George can be seen throughout the Sunni heartland. Rumsfeld continues to storm through Iraq’s underbelly like Tecumseh Sherman on his march to the sea leaving only tent cities and desolation behind. The relief agencies are simply overwhelmed by immensity of the human catastrophe. There’s no way they’ll be able to meet the people’s needs.
Bush, of course, just shrugs off such sentimentality. What possible difference could their suffering make? Besides, there’s no longer even a trace of a plan for Iraq, just the fiendish abuse of force and the drunken-elation in slaughter.
None of it makes sense, nor should it. The nation is sinking in an ocean of hubris and delusion. Reason and decency have vanished into the desert sirocco; only the rapture of utter destruction persists.
There’s no stopping this juggernaut. Washington’s ruling-elite are hell-bent to continue; flailing away at every obstacle in their murderous path. This week it’s Iraq, next week it’s Syria; what possible difference could it make? America won’t be digging out after this orgy of terror anyway. Bush has led us to the brink. The economy is teetering, our alliances are crumbling, and the nation is ambling towards disaster. All the while, the Dear Leader has fixed his vision on the deepest part of the quicksand and trudges onward.
America won’t dodge the Reaper this time.
“Character is fate”. Our future is hopelessly shackled to the dwindling fortunes of our vacuous president, George Walker Bush.

Authors Bio:

Mike is a freelance writer living in Washington state.