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January 18, 2008

Why Should I Vote for Hillary: Hillary Supporters on Facebook

By Kevin Gosztola

Conversations with young Americans for people curious about the future of America


I was thinking about how much I value the candidate I support. I thought about how if I got the chance to tell people to vote for a certain candidate running I would and would also send bumper stickers, stickers, pins, literature, and a T-shirt to the new supporter immediately.

The show that Bill Maher recently did where he had a segment called “Caucus Me!” got me thinking, “What if I did this to supporters of other candidates?”

I sought out officers of all the major Facebook groups for Hillary, Barack, and John.

This is what Hillary supporters had to say. I’ll post the conversations with other young political minds unedited and then give comments after each of them. Hope you learn something about the youth of America. If anything, you will learn, we care but just may need some direction in order to care about what really matters in America.


I would like to know why I should vote for Hillary.


3:43pm Jan 17th

Hillary has made a career out of advocating for women, children and families. And yes, along the way she has ruffled a lot of feathers. She has been called a communist, a calculating bitch, and worse. Polarization and calculation have become bad words. They are not. FDR, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, even Thomas Jefferson were very polarizing and calculating individuals. They, like Hillary accomplished much for this country.

Hillary has drastically increased the adoption rate in this country, she has created an office within the Department of Justice dedicated to investigating violence against women, she was largely responsible for the original SCHIP legislation which now covers almost 7,000,000 children, and she has long represented America abroad and done us proud. She has visited over 80 countries and hosted numerous international conferences at home. She stood up for women's rights in Beijing and founded Vital Voices an organization that has helped to implement the Good Friday Peace Accords as well as give a voice to previously voiceless women in Taliban Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

To use the buzzword change for a moment, Hillary has long been a voice for change. I believe there is value in looking at what a candidate has accomplished and comparing that to what they promise. Hillary promised Universal Health Care, she promises a better life for low-income families, and children in this country, and she promises an improved America, one that has better relations with the world around it.

Hillary has already done all these things with gusto and will continue to do them if elected.


3:59pm Jan 17th

So you are voting Hillary because she supports women's rights and "universal health care" and because she has polarized people yet been extremely successful?

Why are YOU voting for her? Do women's rights and "universal health care" top your list and that's why she's the one for 2008?


4:01pm Jan 17th

Oh, you didn't actually wanted to know. You're just antagonizing me.

Thanks for wasting my time. Good luck with whatever it is you do.


4:02pm Jan 17th

I'm not antagonizing you. I am serious.

If someone walks up to you on the street, what would you say to get them to vote for Hillary?


4:07pm Jan 17th

I believe you are antagonizing me. You are a typical Hillary hater and I've been through this a thousand times with people considerably smarter than you are. However, in response to your question, I would point to her long record of accomplishment, her varied experiences, and talk about her policy proposals that I agree with (ending the war in Iraq, supporting our veterans, restoring American competence, ending the war on science, providing affordable healthcare to every american, getting a handle on the economy). I would talk about how at every step in her life Hillary has been an effective leader. She knows the issues backwards and forwards and is ready to lead this country in the right direction. That is why I plan on voting for her, because I agree with her on most of the issues, and believe her to be the most capable of those candidates with whom I agree.


4:09pm Jan 17th

Fair enough. I'm done. Thank you and good luck on the campaign trail.

I think that conversation speaks for itself as I responded to what he was saying. I would have dived deeper, but he showed me that he didn’t want to really talk because I was asking him to defend his vote. Next one…


I would like to know why I should vote for Hillary.


4:02pm Jan 17th

In a nutshell, because she is well educated, politically savvy, and will move the country is a positive direction.


4:22pm Jan 17th

Is that why YOU are voting for her or why America should vote for her?


4:31pm Jan 17th

Both. I agree with the majority of her policies and stances, and I think they would best benefit the country. She is intelligent, compassionate, and eloq

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4:31pm Jan 17th

uent, another thing that america desperately needs people to see on the global stage.

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4:34pm Jan 17th

Mind if I ask what one policy or stance makes it for you a no-brainer meaning you go "She's the next president of the United States. She's gotta be. Nobody else compares."?


First of all, I never said no one else compared, though I do think she's the best choice. I think you need to form your own opinions however. Feel free t

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4:42pm Jan 17th

o visit And read all about her. Have a good day.

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4:47pm Jan 17th

I'm not going to go to her website to figure out if I should vote for her. My vote for a presidential candidate will come from my conversation with the people of America. I am sick of establishment politicians, the media, and corporations telling me who to vote for and what to do.

Thanks for your responses. Good luck on the campaign trail.

The guy gives new meaning to politics is not a spectator sport. He only knows what’s going on with Hillary on the surface and beyond that, well, go to the website for more details. He’s like a sheep from Animal Farm.

I would like to know why I should vote for Hillary.


4:11pm Jan 17th

First, you need to determine which issues are most important you.

Hillary Clinton is most experience and most well-rounded candidate because of the people she is surrounded by. The country is facing a lot of turmoil - from the economy to the war in Iraq.

There is no time to spare for the American people to take a gamble on speeches of "change" when Hillary Clinton can say she speaks change, has made change, and will continue to make change.

The benefit Hillary has to offer us more than anything is that she's been to the white house before, she knows how to operate on day one. All other candidates will require adjustment--to learn how the White House, to pick a cabinet and host of other things.

One of the largest concerns for me is foreign policy. And it is completely obvious that foreign leaders admire and respect both Hllary and Bill Clinton.

I want America to begin healing. And only Hillary Clinton can take us in the positive path to restoration.

The trouble with elections is that the majority of voters vote on personality, vote on attractiveness, vote on bullshit that is fed to them without ever really considering who these candiates are and what their track records show.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


4:18pm Jan 17th

I do. First off, I am not a Ron Paul troll. I am wholly interested in knowing what Hillary's supporters think about Hillary and why they support her. Thank you for talking.

I agree we cannot gamble on speeches on "change." Therefore, what specifically has she changed? I think this is what could make me choose her over Obama.

Foreign policy is a key issue for me. What do you think about Hillary and Iran? Will Hillary drop the Bush doctrine of preemption or will she be going-it-alone and striking countries like Bush did? And what kind of diplomat is she? Is she a tough diplomat or one that will work with all countries?

I agree that too many vote on personality, attractiveness, and other bullshit fed to them.

Why are people choosing to vote Obama or Edwards instead of Hillary? You've got to wonder.


4:49pm Jan 17th

I've supported the Clintons since the first time I knew Bill was running for president. It's a loyalty thing. I've been loyal to them and they (in their political careers) have been loyal to me.

Whether people believe it or not, we are essentially reelecting Bill back in office. They are political package that works well together.

Hillary is not the command and conquer type. She has damage control to do as far as the troops currently stationed overseas, but she will not pull the cowboy trigger and send troops whenever a bad guys fires his tongue and waves his pants at us.

Iraq is a terrible mess that requires a lot of work. I believe Hillary has better operational skills and is surrounded by far more intelligent military advisers than Bush. I can’t recall how many, but there were a number of intelligent military personnel pushed aside because they didn’t play puppet to Bush’s demands. They’d be back to help Hillary sort of the troubles.

So yes, she is touch diplomat, but knows how to respect people and their cultures.

Why are people flocking to Obama? His inspirational speeches and his promise of change. He’s more a preacher than he is a politician in my mind. His speech is of heaven, but his promises must work in the real world. Don’t get me wrong, I admire Obama tremendously. I believe is a great person and has the potential to a brilliant politician. But it’s too early for him yet to be President.

But if you look at the die-hard supporters of Hillary and Obama you will find that Hillary supports love her and know her well. They are loyal. They believe in the government and they believe in change. People are just learning about Obama and jumping on a ship full of music.


6:31pm Jan 17th

A ship full of music...

You know, the Republicans were loyal to Bush and that's why they elected Dubya.

Loyalty blinds you to reality, don't you think? I mean, after seven years of Bush, the Republicans are a mess of a party.

Should we risk the same thing happening to the Democratic Party after seven years of Hillary?


I would like to know why I should vote for Hillary.


4:10pm Jan 17th

I'd say vote for the person you think is best. Obviously you know that but I more than likely will vote for her because I think she is smart and will be good as president.

I think she does have a lot more experience than people give her credit for. People who criticize her say that being a first lady isn't experience. That's true but Hillary Clinton has been an active first lady. Her plan for health care bombed while her husband was in office and people are still angry over her getting into something like that.

I also don't see why people hate her. They think she is crazy, but what I think it is has to do with her being a woman. A lot of people call her a bitch and what not but honestly when a man is strong and assertive then he would be classified as a great and strong leader. When Hillary Clinton tries to do the same thing people call her a bitch. I disagree with that.

Also Hillary Clinton, to me at least, is well spoken. I liked her story about how she first was a republican because her family was that way. Then later on she said she changed to a democrat because she felt that there are people in this country who weren't born with the same opportunities she had. That to me is a really great thing for her to realize. I hate Obama because all he does is make stupid speeches but Hillary slammed him by saying that she has a longer history of making change versus Obamas stupid talking points. He also has only 2-3 years experience as a senator which brings me to my next point.

She's got the experience. Like I said, people don't think she has but I think they don't give her credit. Look at her life, she was with Bill when he was a governor and president. She has been in the white house seeing first hand how the government operates. Again people say she was just a first lady but she was way more involved than a first lady. So with her first hand experience seeing the inside of the white house, as well as her involvement with making health care more available to poor people. So she has the years experience in the white house and the senate. She's met people through those time periods which makes her have greater possibility for running the country.

Think about it, she knows way more people than Obamam. Obama can promise anything he wants to. That's why people like him. They like Obama because he's different and has ideas. But so does any hobo off of the street. Now put that hobo in office and look at him try to figure out a way to make those ideas come to light. Hillary Clinton has the advantage because of her experience and people she has met. And honestly her husband will help her out. I don't think that is a bad thing really.

Again basically I don't like the fact that people hate hillary clinton. Not just dislike but HATE her. I don't see why. I hear some people saying she's a communist and she's an anti gun freak. That is totally bogus to me. All she wants and I'm sure tons of people including Obama and what not, is for people to live life knowing that they have the opportunity for medical care when they need it. To me there is absolutely no reason to knock this. My mom doesn't have health care along with 40 million other Americans. I don't see how its at all warranted to criticize people by calling them communists for wanting to help people who have to live on the edge of a cliff, worrying every day that nothing goes wrong. My mom is in that exact position right now and I cannot help but feel terrible. Her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, and our family has a high risk for cancer. Right now she cannot even afford to get examinations done which scares the shit out of me, let alone I have no idea what she goes through.

It's really unfair honestly. I don't know I could go on really of why I like her but it's getting too long and I am probably not making my points that strong so I will end it here.

Why don't you like her?


4:15pm Jan 17th

Oh about Hillary knowing more people, my point was unclear about that. What I mean is that since she has met a lot of people in her years in the public office, both as a senator and with her husband, she knows tons of people that can help her accomplish goals as president.

If Clinton goes in the office she has all of these people she has met in her life to really help her get the job done. I hope that kind of makes sense. Obama just because he makes cool ideas and speeches doesn't mean he's the best candidate for the job because how will he accomplish that once he is in office.

That's what I am trying to say, it probably isn't very strong though.

Anyways, peace out homie.


4:21pm Jan 17th

Why are YOU voting for her? What will she do for YOU if elected?

There's nothing wrong with Hillary. I don't hate her. All the remaining candidates in the Democratic field are naturally good people. Some of them, however, aren't good enough after seven years of Bush.


5:33pm Jan 17th

to tell you the truth any candidate elected I probably won't see an individual benefit from it. Regardless of what happens I doubt on a personal level I will be affected by it. I mean right now I am in college and what not. Every candidate wants cheaper education and what not but none of them do it.

I vote for the person I think would do the best for the country. With this whole mess in Iraq there needs to be an experienced leader. I believe Clinton is the best.

I don't really like Mit Romney because he seems to be another George Bush. I don't like Guillani too much but he was an okay mayor of new york cutting down crime, but obviously he rides on the 911 thing too much.

Mccain used to be cool but today he isn't as badass as he once was like in 2000. Recently I hear him talking about how we need to stay the course in Iraq and how it isn't all that bad over there. He obviously doesn't say everything.

No way on Edwards, I think he just wants to make it to the office so he can be in the office. He would probably be happy with another VP race. He is only a one term senator anyways and idk. I am really tired at the moment.

I like hukabee and clinton and uhhh that kuosiniche guy. im tired time for a nap man.


5:39pm Jan 17th

Right... Well, I'm voting for the guy that thinks public colleges should be paid for by the government like education is paid for by the government from kindergarten to 12th grade.

You're right about Edwards. Enjoy your nap man.


5:45pm Jan 17th

lol thanks man

Few things: One, he’s been watching too much cable news as he’s internalized this idea that America hates Hillary, a notion that really gives you the power to fight back because you feel like you are fighting some injustice. Two, he repeats pretty much word for word the talking point on “change” that’s been doled out to get people to vote for her instead of Barack. Three, I had never had anyone tell me to vote for anyone because they “know people” but come to think of it, if I thought she knew the right people, I would vote for her based on that because like with the Bush administration, “change” could get going pretty quickly. In that case, who are these people and why aren’t we paying more attention to them before they take office? Do we really want another seven years of Bush where a tight cult rules over us? Lastly, I like how it came down to “hukabee” or “kuosiniche” if not Hillary.

As you can see though, I made this guy’s brain work a little too hard for Hillary. You know when you are asked to defend your vote; sometimes you have trouble defending it. That’s why I am doing this. I don’t think some people really know why they are voting for Hillary. And some do not have their own reason for voting for Hillary. Too many are voting because somebody told them to (the media, Hillary).

I would like to know why I should vote for Hillary.


3:28pm Jan 17th

Do you currently have a preference?


3:30pm Jan 17th

It doesn't matter. I am asking as if I am an undecided voter. Or how about "uncommitted." My vote can be whatever and this is your shot to gain 1 more supporter. Why should I vote for Hillary?


3:49pm Jan 17th

I was wondering whether you were left or right leaning, because sometimes I get Ron Paul supporters messaging me with the same question and we just end up in an argument because they didn't really want to know my opinion on why Hillary should be our President, they usually try to disguise their agenda with this question.

But since you insist, I will assume you are no RP troll...

I think Hillary should be the nominee and of course our next president because I believe she is best capable. I won't sit here and argue that Edwards and Obama are not competent enough to be president because I think they are and they are definitely far better than any of the Republican candidates (Hillary said it best in the NV debate: that when you look at what the Dems are saying versus what the REps are saying, you can see the stark differences and with that, you can see how terrible wrong the Republicans are), but I believe Hillary is far more equipped with the tools needed to handle the specific jobs the next President will inherit.

When it comes to who of the Dems do I prefer to be our next president, I can only come up with that answer by answering these questions.

Do I want my president to be able to not only set the goals and vision for our country but also know how to manage and master the entire operation?

Do I want my president to demand what we should change and therefore go on the offensive until we win aggressively or would I rather have a president who is knowledged and experience enough to know the how to's to get the job done, to get real results, proven by experience.

I want a president not only is smart (something Obama, Edwards and Clinton have in common) but also be engaged in all the details, have a full awareness of the problems we face as well as the specifics addressed to each of them. This is the feel that I get from Hillary. Hillary not only knows that we need to fix Healthcare, Education, SS, Iraq but she seems to be very personally involved with all the minor details, unlike the other two, she is very teach-oriented, knowing all the bolts and quirks and I think we need a President who is THAT MUCH invested in the problems we face. Not one who is only philosophically invested or one who is choosing to bring about change in a manner I don't agree with, but one who is prudent about the steps that need to be taken to ensure real results.

I hope this helped.


3:57pm Jan 17th

Thank you. And I am no troll. I respect what you say. I just wanted to know what other people are thinking because I think very differently. And I hope you are okay. Those RP trolls can be vicious.

So, let me get this straight:

Your vote goes to Hillary because she will not be as aggressive as Barack or John, she not only is smart but knows the details having a full awareness of the specifics addressed to the problems we faced while Barack or John does not, and she has the tools and experience to manage our country better than Barack or John?


4:23pm Jan 17th

When I say aggressive I am talking about her approach compared to specifically John Edwards. As I'm sure you know John Edwards has pledge to take on the lobbyist and entrenched interest, he's said he wants to do away with the power of lobbyist and these interest, while I believe his intentions are honorable, I do not believe they are realistic.

In comparison, Hillary would like to also do away with some of the influence lobbyist have on Washington and additionally has introduced common sense policy to make this happen, its incremental, progressive and more importantly it is realistic. I'm looking for real changes not broad, spectacular goals that will not happen but will sound great on the campaign trail.

I don't believe that lobbyist should be completely done away with because they are actually are the power players behind getting important legislation that's been passed.

And yes, I believe that not only does she have an awareness of the details and specifics of the problems but can provide detailed plans on how she would fix things. I thought she did a really good job at this additionally. In the NV debate, Hillary was the only candidate that altogether addressed the economy, broke it down to illustrate what is going on with the economy, truly introduced specific ideas on how to fix the problem and explain what would actually happen if these policies went into effect.

She does this better than Barack and John.


4:31pm Jan 17th

One last thing and then I wish you good luck on the campaign trail...

Why should lobbyists have more influence than the people? Or rather, why should they have so much power to dictate what legislation is passed?

Just because that's how Washington works?

I didn't go through seven years of Bush to just settle for "that's the way things are." I appreciate being realistic but the reality is that with a set of goals supported by truly remarkable vision along with her excellent manager skills for operating such a sweeping reform, she could do anything she wanted in America really. She has the power and connections while Edwards and Obama do not.

I'll vote for her if she is really going to make Washington turn 180 degrees once she gets in office. And right now, I write to you because I am wondering if she really wants to change how things are going. I'm wondering if she thinks making people settle for just a little change and not a lot is good enough given the fact that she could change things so greatly if she had some imagination.


6:17pm Jan 17th

I don't think they should have more power, neither do i believe they should stay the same, as they say I don't believe in "that's the way things are". I think their power can be lessoned but not taken away completely. Lobbyist have done good things, it has not all been bad.

As I said before, some of the many big lobbyist have been responsible for legislation that has benefited the American people. The thing is when people say lobbyist you automatically think of drug companies and big oil companies, but there are other lobbyist groups that represent working people, for example their is the Teachers union lobbyist and Emily's list.

I think when it comes to whether you believe she will bring change, you should look at her record. Since being a staffed lawyer working in the Children's Health Fund, then as First Lady in Arkansas working on the Board of Arkansas Hospital helping it expand to the 7th largest in the nation, to when she was First Lady and creating the Women and Violence office and help creating SCHIP the single legislation that has provided 7 million children with Healthcare up to this date. I think that with confidence you can conclude that she hasn;t just sat around and talked about change she has made it happened.


So if somebody asks me this what do I say...

Why should I vote for Hillary if she hasn't called for the impeachment of Cheney and Bush?

She's pretty trusting of lobbyists. And I would agree that there are some "good" lobbyist groups if I didn't think those groups do not have any power in Washington anymore. 

I have more conversations. But this seems like a good place to end because I have shown you enough Hillary talk for one article (if you made it this far).

Think about how these conversations worked though and how wrong they are.

Very few were willing to just say to me why they were voting for Hillary. Instead, I got why America should vote for Hillary. That’s very nationalistic and that’s how fascism rises. I am not going to vote for somebody because America needs it. That may be part of my reasoning but ultimately, I have to look at what he or she is going to do for all the people individually around me and see how the impact will be good for the people and not just the nation itself.

Too many wanted to know my preference on the candidates or my leaning (left/right). They know how to talk and what “talking points” to use to get Republicans vs. Democrats to vote.  But as I argued, after seven years of Bush, somebody is right for the job and the rest aren’t worthy. Yet, this is a product of the “lesser of two evils” voting culture in America. The people can tell you why other candidates are worse than the one they support but cannot tell you why one is solely right for the job. Had I pursued people who talked about Obama and Edwards being worse than Hillary, I could have argued that she was no different and where would we have ended up? We would have ended up in one of the most uncomfortable situations we always end up: We’d be thinking Hillary, Barack, and John---that’s all we got---and we’re going to have to make do.

Now, I think it’s extremely enlightening to hear from some that Hillary is not too “aggressive” and wants more “incremental” change. That means she has less of a vision for the future and more of a Washington, D.C. philosophy. She knows the inner workings of government and wishes to work within the system to make change even if it is broken or corrupt. And what change can be produced within the system? I think very little.

Nobody convinced me to vote for her. Nobody really sounded like they were voting for her from the heart and mind except for the one that spoke about supporting the Clintons and being loyal. Other than that, they seemed really weak. Especially the guy who argued about Hillary championing women’s rights

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