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August 30, 2007

The unmasking of Despicable Dick

By Ed Martin

Thanks to David Swanson in an article here on OpEdNews, we now know another thing that Despicable Dick is not.


In an excellent article here on OpEdNews, David Swanson pointed out newsworthy items that were not reported in the news, and should have been.  One of those was the fact that Dick Cheney has reported that he is not human.

That goes into the category of Suspicions Confirmed.  We know a lot of things that Dick Cheney has professed that he is not: that he is not a member of the executive branch, that he is not a member of the legislative branch, that he is not a war monger, that he is not a war profiteer, that he is not a draft dodger, that he is not subject to subpoenas from Congress, that he is not subject to the rule of law, and that he is not human.

The last claim by Cheney, that he is not human, is the only one supported by the evidence.  So, if Dick Cheney is not human, or even all the other things he says he is not, then, what is he?

The astrophysicists tell us that everything in the universe, all the galaxies, the stars, the planets, all matter down to every infinitesimally small subatomic particle in every grain of sand can be expressed by the number 10 to the 88th power.  That's the number one followed by 88 zeros.  Dick Cheney will say that he is not a part of that number, either.

It's said that in an infinite amount of time, an infinite number of things will happen an infinite number of times.  Dick Cheney is the exception to that statement.  He is unique in all of existence.  A thing like Dick Cheney can only occur once in all of eternity.  Fortunately.  So, if he is a one time phenomenon and not a part of the 10 to the 88th that includes everything there is, what is he?

He professes broad, categorical knowledge that no one else possesses.  There are still WMD in Iraq.  Iraq was responsible for 9/11.  Iraq was a threat to the US.  Iran is a threat to the US.  Everything but Dick Cheney is a threat to everyone.  He occasionally even looks slantwise at George Bush.  Unique knowledge of this kind can only come from being omniscient.  His profession of absolute power, immune to all restraints can only come from his being omnipotent.  So, maybe that gives an idea of what Cheney is.  Those attributes, omniscience and omnipotence have only ever been ascribed to the Supreme Being.  And, although Cheney's always wrong, he's never uncertain.  Even the infallible Pope has changed his mind about absurdities, but not Dick Cheney.

Is Dick Cheney some kind of recurring, malevolent supernatural power?  There have been other malevolent fugures with inexplicable powers focused on death and destruction and the profits from it, throughout history.  The last incarnation, before Cheney, being Adolph Hitler.  Some of the others being Pol Pot, Stalin, Ivan the Terrible, Genghis Khan and some of the latter Caesars.  These exceptions to humanity are the true and proper meaning of the overused word, evil.

While it's true that the Republicans prefer to worship the expression of their ideals as manifested by bald-headed, fat f--kers, it's doubtful that Cheney has any natural or supernatural powers.  He does have the ability to promise to bring Republicans into and tell convincing lies about a world that Republicans want to live in, a world that fits perfectly with their fantasy of how they think things really are, in defiance of the evidence before them.

Cheney's power comes from his willingness to express out loud the most depraved, despicable biases, prejudices, bigotry and utter disregard for the human condition that is so dear the hearts of the Republicans.  There's nothing mystical, natural or supernatural about him, he's stuck at the level of being just another inhuman phenomenon.  Having no human qualities whatsoever, he is literally a simulacrum of a human being.

Authors Bio:
Ed Martin is an ordinary person who is recovering from being badly over-educated. Born in the middle of the Great Depression, he is not affiliated with nor a member of any political, social or religious organization. He is especially interested in the phenomenon of those who view the glaringly obvious with total incomprehension, in other words, out political, social and religious leaders.