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July 21, 2007


By Steve Bhaerman

Well, we fired up the grid last Tuesday, or maybe the grid fired us up. Now that we proved that invisibly or visibly (as with the Live Earth events of two weekends ago), the loving heart of humanity can be activated, it's time to move our feet. It's time for the upwising of awareness and upwelling of love to burst into action. It's time to address the political climate crisis.


Time to Fire the Nitty-Gritty Grid

Well, we fired up the grid last Tuesday, or maybe the grid fired us up. Now that we proved that invisibly or visibly (as with the Live Earth events of two weekends ago), the loving heart of humanity can be activated, it’s time to move our feet. It’s time for the upwising of awareness and upwelling of love to burst into action. It’s time to address the political climate crisis.

The Political Climate Crisis is Real!

Earlier this year, I wrote a piece called “The Self-Impeaching President.” My point was that because the Bush-Cheney Administration had so violated the letter and spirit of not just our Constitution, but international and commonly-held moral law, they would necessarily stonewall any attempt to investigate. Consequently, they would end up making the case for impeachment by their own actions.

Eventually, it would come down to George Bush’s challenge of several years ago: “You’re either with me or against me.” And now it has. It’s George Bush (and his cheney of command) against the Constitution, against the Bill of Rights, against the Declaration of Independence, against the American people, not to mention the people of the world. The inconvenient confrontation that most peace-loving people generally try to avoid is finally at hand: Standing up to the bully.

Here’s why it’s happening now, and here is how it is happening. The Bush Administration has already played the fear card and nobody is listening anymore to the little boy who cried wolfowitz. Bush and Company only have two cards left -- force, and the fear of force. This is a hand they cannot afford to lose, because when the cards fall it will bring down not just this Administration but the entire philosophy that supports absolutely corrupt power taken in the name of “national security” -- the protection racket disguised as “protection.”

So if you’re wondering why this absurdist rationalization called “executive privilege,” that’s why. He’s an executive who wants to hold on to his privilege. Meanwhile, here is another inconvenient truth that is making itself manifest, and if we don’t face it we’re in even bigger trouble: The mechanisms for fascism are already in place.

Can We Use the F-Word?

OK, you eye-rollers -- put your eyes back front and center so you can see what I mean. The very simple definition of fascism is this: Fascism is interlocking political, military, industrial force run more like a criminal gang than a government. Does that sound familiar? Because the government is involved, it conveniently has the force of “law” behind it. Consider that everything that Hitler did after he took office was “legal.”

Similarly, George Bush is proceeding under the cover of law to enact executive order after executive order as arbitrary, irrational and unjust as any policy a dictator might dictate. And, as we are finding out, his legal shills in judicial positions of power are acting solely on his behalf. So, yes ... he has the cover of law. Just as the original coup, the “election” of 2000, was absurdified by five partisan Supreme Court jesters who wouldn’t allow a recount to take place in Florida.

The 97-pound weakling of a body politic allowed the bully to kick sand in its face in 2000, and that just invited further abuse. Now the abuse is becoming more intense, more over the line -- and we find that the dictator-in-chief has conveniently covered his bases with judges.

So what do we do? First of all, we face this inconvenient truth and at the same time, keep our eye on the prize. Because the “prize” -- a world where we use our resources to heal instead of hurt, where the GNP can be truly measured in “goods” and not “bads,” where we live by the Golden Rule not the rule of gold -- is where we are going. What we have now is the challenge that will make us strong enough to stop doing what we’ve been doing and try something new for a change.

We’re Becoming Stronger -- Whether We Like It Or Not

Several years ago, I spent a year in a ch’i kung practice that involved strengthening the ch’i by banging ourselves in the solar plexus first with our fist, then with a wooden block, finally with a brick. Next came the two person practice where we would hit each other full force in solar plexus to “light up the ch’i.” While this might sound like a rationalization for sadomasochism, we came to realize that each blow made the ch’i stronger. In fact, we no longer even felt the punch. All we could feel was our shield “rising” to absorb the blow.

George Bush is bringing up the ch’i of the body politic, and it’s up to us to recognize and use that power. Each blow to the spirit of the law, to our Founding Fathers, to decency is strengthening us for our true evolutionary destiny -- to overgrow the false dichotomies of left and right and stand for what the vast, vast majority hold in common. In other words, we must turn the demoralized majority into a New Moral Majority that holds honesty, justice, integrity and transparency above ideology or short term financial self-interest.

We Are the New Moral Majority

Here’s more good news, something I call The Law of 75. You may have read it here before, but it is worth mentioning again. It’s based on something that happened to spiritual psychologist Patricia Sun a number of years ago. She was set to speak at a “new age” bookstore, and noticed there were four fundamentalist Christian pickets outside. “I’m going to talk with them,” Patricia said.

The store owner was skeptical. “You can’t reason with those people,” she said, but Patricia did it anyway. A short while later, three of the four picketers had put down their signs and were hugging Patricia: “You’re saying just what Jesus said!” they told her. The fourth picket refused to be swayed and continued protesting.

So why is this important? I devised the totally made-up Law of 75 to describe this phenomenon where three out of four people are susceptible to loving communication that calls forth what we hold in common -- the desire to live in peace and happiness, and the willingness to grant others who play by those rules the same freedom / responsibility. 75% of us -- or more -- want the same things, and those same things are far, far more important than the differences that are used to keep us divided and conquered.

I’m willing to bet that 75% of Americans don’t want to live in a corrupt fascist system where George Bush’s word is law, and where our greatest fear is our own government. I could be wrong. Maybe it’s 95% and not 75%.

And what does this mean? It means that Democrats AND Republicans, Greens, Libertarians, Independents -- most Americans -- given a choice (and hey, I say we give it to them) will just say NO to fascism. That 75% of Americans by the way includes rich people and poor people, rural conservatives, urban progressives and even -- and maybe especially -- members of the military, who are experiencing some of the system’s abuse firsthand.

On the eve of last November’s election -- where, by the way, the body politic finally showed some muscle -- the four military publications representing each branch of service called for the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld. Now sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but I read it differently. I read it as a signal from the military that if George Bush tried any funny stuff, he couldn’t count on their support.

My strong sense is that those people in all echelons of power who have not been “ethically-cleansed” will stand up for justice -- if we will. And -- to quote the football coach George Allen, “the future is now.” Right now, the Bush Administration has the momentum as it illegally uses the law to hide from scrutiny, and sends out kingly decrees equating protest with treason. Bush can’t help it, folks. He has to do it to survive.

Time to Bring Left and Right Front and Center

At the same time we realize he will not and cannot back down, we must remember that 75% of us (a conservative estimate, again, of those who don’t want fascism) -- nearly 200 million people -- are standing on the other side. Now all we have to do is understand our numbers and our bottom line -- fascism in any form must be taken off the table now.

To paraphrase the old saying, those who fail to learn from history flunk it and have to take it over. What was it that allowed Hitler to come to power, to use questionable legal leverage in an illegal way until the disease had so metastasized that it could no longer be cured by the German body politic’s immune system? It was the failure of the parties on the left, the parties on the right and the parties in the middle to unite to face the common danger.

There’s a scene in the documentary, Bringing Down a Dictator -- the story of the fall of Slobodon Milosovic -- where all the leaders of the opposing parties realize they must form a coalition if the dictator is to be stopped. As you look at the expressions on the faces of these leaders, you see how distasteful a task this is for them. And yet they do it. They unite around one alternative candidate, and they are ultimately successful. The pivotal moment, by the way, is when the soldiers realize they will be firing on their brothers and sisters and ultimately put down their guns, and the palace falls.

So, again, what do we do? As part of the “up-wising” there is a growing field of awareness among Americans of all stars and stripes that “we’re not in Kansas, anymore Toto.” There is a groundswell swelling on the ground, but no significant leadership has yet emerged at the top. We can only guess that there is an epidemic of cowardice and denial, and most importantly a “misunderestimation” of the American people, and our own legacy and destiny.

We don’t need a revolution in this country. We already had one. But we are at an evolutionary tipping point, and we the people can’t wait for some big scorer to come lumbering down the court. We have to tip it in ourselves. In other words, we have to face the truth with courage, and we must communicate with others to strengthen the field of truth and weaken the field of lies. The time is now ripe for a national organization that stands up and uses the F-Word to Just Say NO To Fascism. Maybe it can be called the New Moral Majority or Patriots Against the Patriot Act (PAPA) or the Jefferson’s Witnesses or the American Citizens Union.

As an individual I’m not in a position to make this organization happen. But each of us as individuals can put the idea out and call on those who we know are leaders to speak directly to this issue, and some already are. It’s very important IN FACT ESSENTIAL that this be a bipartisan or transpartisan group. In addition to calling on people like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and elders like Bill Moyers, Elizabeth Holtzman and Jimmy Carter, we must include those on the right who have called for impeachment or who are concerned about America’s loss of liberties, including Bruce Fein, John Dean, Paul Craig Roberts and Rep. Ron Paul (R, Texas).

In addition, now is the time for prominent folks to use their bully pulpit to help oust the bully-in-chief from his -- whether it’s a spot on Leno or Letterman, or like Michael Moore it’s on CNN. In fact, watch this and be inspired as we finally have someone break through the media soundless barrier and speak to the betrayal of the American people by the media. Take heart too that Richard Mellon Scaife, one of the most vicious attackers of Bill Clinton and loyal supporters of Bush has now has begun to question the President’s mental stability.

It’s Up to Us to Put the Decider Through the Decider Mill

No matter who we are, no matter how much or little influence we think we have, we all (75% to 95% of us, anyway) share the same mission: To awaken all 200 million adult Americans to draw the line and tell the “Decider” that we the people are the Deciders, thank you. And we have decided he will do no more deciding on our behalf. Impeachment notwithstanding, we need a long, long, long piece of paper with 50 million or more adult American signatures calling on the President and Vice President to step down. We can call it Total Recall, but I like the idea of a physical scroll of signatures. As Benjamin Franklin (“we must all hang together or else we will surely hang separately”) understood, the more of us who sign it, the safer we all will be.

As with that other King George some ten score and eleven years ago, this bloodless evolution, this firing of a few Big Shots will be seen and heard around the world. One morning, possibly very soon, we will wake up and realize the tides have shifted. The headlines will reveal it, and we will see it in the faces of our fellow Americans -- people no longer afraid of their own government, people ready to face the real challenges ahead of us as a people and a world without the vicious diversions of problems generated to keep us apart.

If we don’t do it, no one will. And if we do, not just America but the world will change course for the better.

May God bless America, and may Good bless us all.

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Steve Bhaerman is a writer, humorist and uncommontator who's been posing as cosmic comic Swami Beyondananda for the past 20 years. He is the author of seven books including Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here, co-written with Bruce Lipton. He has been an OpEd News contributor since 2006.