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July 10, 2007

Another Triumph of Denial and Fecklessness over Truth and Courage

By Rafe Pilgrim

The Democrat Senate continues to disappoint America


The following WEB quotes come from today's Truthout:

"....Democrats who grabbed control of Congress in last November's elections have their own political woes.

"Polls show the public is even less happy with lawmakers than with the president.

(Senate Democrat Majority Leader) "Reid admitted last month the party may have set the bar too high by letting supporters think it could end the war."

Huhh? Was there something else, some vital bridge of logic, between these two propositions that any person with the brain of a gnat missed?

We Crackers have an expression: God hates a coward.

Could that explain why we're so angry? Worse yet, does that explain why the majority-Democrat Congress rates lower in the voters' polls than the Bushido Banzai and Quasimodo Cheney team?

And worst of all for the Democrats, will that explain why so many lifelong Democrats now wonder if we can pull the big D lever again in 2008?

We've got work to do, folks. The treacherous Republicans have sent America into the mosh pit of slaughter in the Middle East and shredded our Constitution, and after five years of this the Democrat muscle men wonder if they've "set the bar too High"! The more likely problem is the bar has been set so low that even cowards have difficulties crawling under it.

We need to seek out some leadership of the requisite courage, intelligence, goodwill and integrity. And it is uncertain how much more time America has.

Time being now the electorate's problem, we shouldn't waste any by searching through the current Republican and Democrat wannabees.

................Scared and looking, Rafe Pilgrim

Submitters Bio:
Rafe Pilgrim, after "a life largely wasted on hard honest work," found himself a jungle of turkey oak, scrub pine and giant palmettos up a dirt road running east of Crystal River, Florida, which neither school busses nor the U.S. Postal Service dare to assay. Sharing a house of his own design with Spanky the cat, Darla a pit bull, and a foundling of mysterious breed named Alfalfa -- all collectively known as Our Gang -- he spends his time "productively: writing poetry, working for peace, and gazing at the sky."


Central High School of Philadelphia, University of Maryland, Syracuse University, University of Maine, Ursinus College, Air Force Intelligence (Washington D.C., Germany), Ford Motor Company, Philco-Ford Corporation, Eighth Day Gallery, Phi Kappa Phi, Romey Everdell Award for Journalism,(1988), Hole in one (1998), and struggling to find America ever since 2000.