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June 6, 2007


By Jay Diamond

America's so-called Mainstream Media is Un-Conscious. And Right Here Are Two Recent Examples !


It is incomprehensible to me how not so much as even one of the analyses of the very recent Republican "debate" would have included the most obvious and toxic lie that I have ever seen/heard in over 30 years of watching this stuff.

And it happened less than one minute into the proceedings!

I'm talking about Mitt Romney's despicable assertion in "answer" to the very first query of the event having to do with whether, in retrospect, it had been a wise decision to invade Iraq.

In all of the media dictation about "null sets" and "non-sequiturs", he somehow missed the incandescent lie of the century...a Lie so Evil and/or Dumb that it should result in Mitt Romney being forced to resign from the campaign amid the same ridicule and disgrace that his father, George Romney was forced out in 1968 after claiming he'd been "Brainwashed" by General William Westmoreland during a visit to Vietnam.

Here is the incendiary lie told by Mitt (rhymes with ---t) Romney within 60 seconds of the start of the forum in "answer" to the very first question, that NOBODY seems to have noticed !

Romney said that the question as to whether Bush had been wise to invade Iraq was a "null-set" and non-sequitur" inasmuch as Bush was forced to invade because SADDAM HUSSEIN REFUSED TO ALLOW THE IAEA WEAPONS INSPECTORS INTO IRAQ !!!

Even though this event is the history of 4 years ago, not 4000 years ago, Romney either by design or owing to his unforgivable ignorance stated a blatant untruth!


He allowed them in, and allowed them full, unfettered, access within Iraq, back in September of 2002!

And there they stayed for SEVEN MONTHS...7 MONTHS!... making inspections anywhere they wanted to go, until George W. Bush told them to leave Iraq because the attack was imminent!!!

At that time Hans Blix literally beseeched Bush to give him a mere 4 weeks more and he would certify Iraq as being devoid of WMD. Which is of course just what Bush was afraid of, because such an assurance by the IAEI inspectors would have negated the phony casus belli proferred by Bush.

So Bush ordered the inspectors out with just 4 weeks to go and the rest is history....that is, IT WOULD BE HISTORY IF ONE PERSON HAD REMEMBERED IT.

In addition, the relentless rejoinder by the GOP "debate" participants to questions about health insurance and health care are grave warnings about the evils of "socialized medicine", and the evils of government sponsored health insurance.

I doubt that I'm that much smarter than anyone in the pantheon of journalism, so why is it that once again, NOBODY....I mean NOBODY....rises, however meekly to suggest that we already HAVE government health insurance....and that it works fine !

About 75 million Americans get their health insurance/health care from MEDICARE AND?OR THE VETERANS' ADMINISTRATION !

Is it possible that I'm the only one in America who knows this !!?

If a candidate dared to bray at me about "socialized medicine" when confronted with a question about health care and health insurance, I would ask him if he felt that Medicare was "socialized medicine" and if he therefore was assuring his fellow citizens that, if elected, he would save them all from the execrable and dangerous damage to their freedom that Medicare represents, by eliminating Medicare !

If that candidate then came back with a reason why in his view Medicare was not, in fact, socialized medicine, then I would tell him that I agreed with him that Medicare for all was the best solution!


So why does NOBODY....not one of the thousands of journalists or commentators in America, make any of the above points !!??

Is everybody un-conscious except for me?

What in blazes is going on here !?


Authors Bio:
Jay Diamond is a progressive activist, media critic, and radio commentator.