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September 1, 2005

Bush: Zero Tolerance of Law Breaking= Zero Compassion, Zero Understanding

By Rob Kall

George thinks there should be “zero tolerance,… so people don’t exploit the vulnerable”


this is a pure, unadulterated rant
My god, please help me to stop myself from cursing a blue streak about this abomination, this subhuman monster who would arrest a poor person, probably African American, who hasn’t had food in days, whose clothes are ruined, for stealing clothing or food or something to sell in exchange for food. Why are these people looting? Because they are desperate, because law and order has failed, because the safety nets have broken, just like the levees. Why have they broken? Because the SOBs who lead the Republican party believe in destroying government. They talk about getting rid of “big” government, but they really want to get rid of all government—rid of taxes, rid of regulations, rid of government entities responsible to the PEOPLE, instead of to profit and stockholders.

As a small businessman, I have sympathy for the small business owners who have been stricken by the flood. I don’t have much sympathy for the giant corporations. Walmart should have opened their New Orleans stores and offered all the food and clothing free to the people coming to loot it. Those stores are the closes repositories of help for people not yet rescued, not yet provided with food, water, any feeling of succor.

As I watch the news cameras roam along the streets of New Orleans, it is clear that the people who are suffering—homeless, hungry, uncared for, not knowing where their future lies—they represent, in a microcosm, the people of America who, by the grace of God, might just as easily be the afflicted—that there are tens of millions of Americans and billions across the globe who live their lives so close to the edge. They couldn’t afford to get up and leave because they didn’t have the resources. And the local, state and national governments, knowing the danger, allowed them to stay, just as they allow tens of millions to fend for themselves without health care, without funds for education, without extended unemployment insurance as they heartlessly allow overseas job outsourcing to decimate millions of jobs.

Zero tolerance is what we should be doing—with disgusting right wing legislative traitors to the nation, sellouts to their constituents. Newt Gingrich , Grover Norquist, Bush, Rove, Frist, and the rest of the red state, right wing sellouts will go down in history as the most detestable, lying, immoral vermin.

I fear for the news when the first “looter” is shot dead by some overenthusiastic recruit brought in to enforce military law. The real looters are raising your gasoline prices. They’ll be raising your food prices as shipping costs go up. The real looters have plundered our treasury to find excuses to give Haliburton untold and unaccounted for billions.

Fox news reports that even coming into contact with the stagnant, polluted problems can cause problems and illness. Hell, America’s coming into contact with Fox news has been deleterious for several years now. America is in trouble, bit trouble. New Orleans is just one boil that has festered and broken open in a body infested with Bush Republican disease.

It is time for gun control and abortion foes to get off the anti-american bandwagon and to start demanding that the US be honored and protected. Selling out America for special interests is a traitorous selling out of America. If you voted for Bush or your local right wing asshole, you are part of the problem and you have been partially responsible for the deaths of American troops in Iraq and the deaths of people in New Orleans who died because the levees broke—broke because Bush cut funding to the army corps of engineers so he could pay for his fraud-sold war.

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