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May 5, 2007

Press Ignores Paul GOP-Debate Win

By Alex Wallenwein

If Ron Paul can get poll results like these (See MSNBC Post-Debate Poll) after one single primary debate, the mainstream press and other media are seriously losing their control over Americans' minds - and over how they are getting the information they desire. The MSM's attempts to bury the political story of the century will only hurt them further.


The stranglehold of the mainstream (and even most of the so-called “alternative”) press on information they deem “unsafe” for the American public’s consumption has suffered a fatal blow.

According to the MSNBC post-debate poll, the very network that carried the first GOP Presidential Primary Debate, Ron Paul won hands down - but you wouldn’t know that if you read only the usual press accounts of the event.

The headlines seen from a Google News search using the keyword “debate”, at the time of this writing show only this:

“John McCain Wins First GOP Debate” (Fox News)

“Who Won the First GOP Presidential Debate?
(Answer provided in article: “Mitt Romney” - National Review Online)

"Republican Presidential Debate Gives No Clue on GOP Leader in Race”
(Axcess News)

Apparently the Axcess News editors don't have a clue - unlike actual debate viewers.

A news search for the keywords “won debate” reveals this:

“Noonan, Pundits: Romney Won Debate” (NewsMax)

"Giuliani Wary of Repeal of Roe” (Washington Times)

No need to go any further with this. Only one outlet (Earth Times) showed a headline that Ron aul won - but it was just a reprint of the Paul campaign’s post-debate news release, not an actual valuation by a media outlet’s reporter or pundit.

Unsurprisingly, not a single report of the actual political news story of the decade, namely, that a virtually unknown “dark horse” beats even the media favorite Romney handily - and utterly crushes the rest of the field.

Now you know why you can’t believe the press. Wanna bet the South Carolina debate will not have a post-debate poll published? After all, Fox News is the network chosen to carry it. Read this account of how Fox is trying to control the event. They don’t want to mess up the party for their
home boy, Mitt “Conme”.

Just in order to preserve the evidence (in case someone at MSNBC might consider tampering ith it later), I kept screen shots of the actual poll results and printed a hard-copy as well. You never know.

(Image by Unknown Owner)   Details   DMCA

Recent results are even more favorable (yes, it's still up today, May 5th).

This MSNBC poll shows one or two things that nobody in the Liberty Movement would have xpected this early on:

1. Americans are absolutely ready for Ron Paul’s message of Liberty under a small, non- intrusive government that doesn’t meddle in other countries’ affairs.

2. American conservatives - yes, even Republicans - are no longer mouthpieces of the neocon media’s talking points. They can actually think for themselves and even ignore attempts to ignore Ron Paul during the post-debate “analysis” stage of the carrying network Who would have thought?

If you search Google News for “Ron Paul debate” you, finally, get this:

“Ron Paul Won Debate” (The "Chattanoogan" - not exactly a major press organ).

Incredibly, even the “Liberty Papers” blog put Ron Paul’s performance into the “neutral” category. Looks like American freedom lovers are even smarter than the Libertarian blogosphere.

Alright. So, in order to make up for all of these willful omissions, it’s time to wax effusive.

If Ron wins the election, "they" (the left-wing and right-wing and “center-wing” political, financial, and press establishment) for the first time ever, will be faced with the prospect of an American President absolutely wreaking havoc on their welfare state machinations. The IRS, the Federal Reserve, the NAU - everything will be up for grabs. The UN will lose the US as its single draft-horse. Let them finance their own BS. Ron will probably evict them from US soil. They don't like us anyway, so they can gladly go somewhere else. The issue of exactly where is hereby committed to your sound discretion.

Can you imagine the impact of such an outcome? To be honest, I can't - and I have a very fertile imagination, I promise.

I kind of fear for Ron's safety because of all this, but I am sure he knows exactly what he is getting into and he is willingly doing it - for us, for his and our country, and for freedom here and the world over.

Ron, Paul. Ron!!

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Alex Wallenwein, J.D., is a former attorney in Houston, Texas, and a grass-roots activist for the rule of law and American liberty. He organizes the Houston 4 Ron Paul 2008 Meetup.