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February 7, 2007

Republicans Slam Democrats

By Dean Powers

The Democrats, pushing aside the wishes of their constituents, merely tried to pass a non-binding resolution against the troop surge...the Republicans wanted nothing. So the Dems compromised with the GOP and passed nothing.


It happened! Democrats tried to negotiate with the snakes that work exclusively for corporate America, and they got betrayed. Surprise, surprise. Every blogger and half-wit with even a modicum of political awareness saw this one coming. Democrats tried to negotiate a compromise with Senator John Warner, Republican of Virginia, watering down an already diluted non-binding resolution against Bush's troop surge in Iraq, and in return the GOP stabbed them in the back. The embarrassing defeat is what Democrats get for trying to compromise with that vile, insidious party of corporate representatives. It's the national disgrace they deserve for playing foolishly with the Quixotic notion of bipartisanship with men who are interested only in pounds of flesh. Unfortunately, it's disturbingly embarrassing for the Democrats. They have proved themselves spineless and ineffective even as a majority party. Who is going to the mat for their constituents? Republicans. Not Democrats. Not Democrats. Not Democrats. Where is that fighter Senator Jim Webb, Democrat from Virginia? Where is the bombastic voice of Bernie Sanders? Where is the FIGHT in the Democrats? Our very nation teeters between hardship and decimation while the proponents of Armageddon drive us recklessly toward perpetual conflict and scandalously high levels of global warming. Democrats have lived up to every stereotype of weakness and ineffectiveness ever promulgated about the party. They have slunk away from battle on the Senate floor, they have prevaricated and dawdled and equivocated. They see only their reflections in the shiny camera lenses through which they suppose millions of Americans watch them and applaud their majority status. But we on this side of those narcissistic lenses frown at our television sets. We pound tables and throw up our hands in disgust. They think our patience is unlimited. They procrastinate with the very fate of our lives in the balance. This country is menaced by forces that cannot be tamed by local governments; not forces from North Korea, Iran or Iraq, but forces of greed and corruption, rotting out the fibers of democracy. If Democrats have any ambiguities about this battle, they belong not in Congress but in the company of the 47 million Americans who cannot afford to see a doctor, who must choose between food and primary care, who wait weeks to treat a sinus infection, saving for the $20 co-pay; they deserve to watch the lives of their loved ones snuffed by the flood waters in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans; they belong in the suburbs of Iraq, when the roar of death and the chaotic teeth of shrapnel snatch lives from the tranquility of a Baghdad market; they belong on the coasts of Bangladesh where the ocean will soon rise and snatch away hope and a livelihood. Those Democrats who think that they can charter their careers down the steady straits of "bipartisanship" are doomed for shipwreck. Senator Traitor Joe Lieberman rattles a hallow saber when he pompously warns Dems to "Have the courage of your convictions to accept the consequences of your convictions." Where is the Democrat who will raise his mane in furious indignation and thunder this reply: "Have you, sir, the courage to accept the fate of our brave young service members should you and the President be wrong, for the consequences of your convictions, should they fail our soldiers, are far more deadly serious." Will Joe Lieberman campaign on the American Iraq War casualty rate in 2012? The coming spike in American deaths will be written with Joe Lieberman's name. Shame on you Democrats. Senator Harry Reid fools nobody when he vows to debate the Iraq War with Republicans using a line pulled from the George Bush comic book: "You can run, but you can't hide." Blame for this embarrassing failure rests on your shoulders, Harry Reid. You compromised with a Republican for the language of this resolution. You should have proposed to cut funding for the war! You should have used your strongest hand. The resolution you failed to pass might have been the compromise with tougher Democrats running this country. Shame, shame, shame.

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Dean Powers lives in Castleton, VT. He has apprenticed at several newspapers including The Nation. He currently writes for OpEdNews. He can be found at