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November 25, 2006

Sex Abuse Crimes -- From a Distance . . .

By Debby Bodkin

From a distance... we all pray for peace but so many turn deaf ears to victims and families of sex crimes, left to seek justice, without public support.


As a cradle Catholic, there is no doubt faith runs very deep and the clergy sex abuse crisis that erupted in 2002 has tested persons of all faiths, nationalities and origin. Thanksgiving is the time we come together, with reflection on the blessings we have shared. And, many of us can still remember the family traditions, being asked to share what we are most thankful for -- seconds before digging into a turkey dinner. Unfortunately, this year's family togetherness will have to wait til Christmas -- the children are away, attending colleges on the east coast, finishing term papers or working an extra holiday shift. Yet, so much to give thanks for . . . From a distance... sometimes the world looks sad, struggling for harmony as it echoes throughout all lands. From a distance... our faith is often tested, and the clergy sex abuse crisis is now on the list. From a distance... we cannot imagine what life must be like, to be a victim of sex abuse and told "stay out of sight". Many speak out with courage... so peace will be found, but still so many refuse to make sound. From a distance... we cannot understand why cries for help were ignored, and pray those still suffering, will find courage to be heard. From a distance... the oceans never fail to meet the streams, and eagles never fail to soar. So, why dear God, did we fail to protect so many innocent souls? We are expected... to march to those in command, but yet so many trusted, refuse to offer their hand. There is a need to bring peace to the world today while giving thanks to the victims and families who have committed to stay. To receive blessings of courage from those who were hurt, shows the strength of love that will protect others from hurt. God bless you for caring because without you, we may forget how to pray. Happy Thanksgiving!

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As an amateur writer, mother, wife and legal secretary for the past 25 years, my passion for the courage of clergy sex abuse victims, their families and mandated reporters, who made a choice to protect children, before their own career security and ego, has evolved over the past 5 years.

My husband, Michael, is a former Catholic high school teacher and coach, who was forced to make a career change without due process of the law. He will soon complete his Masters Degree in Special Education, his new-found passion. Our children, Nicole, Rachel, Brent and Laurel are a gift to us and all who meet them. We pray our children and the world's children will witness society correcting the wrongs committed against innocent children and families. Without justice, there will never be peace; without peace, faith and our country's laws are empty.