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October 24, 2019

Historical Facts about Kurds

By Mohammad Ala

People in Iran have lived with Kurds for several thousand years, some estimate it to be 7000 years. They eat similar food, and we have had similar celebrations for New Year (Nowruz) for thousands of years. Iranians consider Kurds Iranians. We understand their dialect. They are emotional people similar to many of us in West Asia. They have suffered, as have many of us in West Asia.


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Map of West Asia
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Nowadays, there are many articles about Kurds because a few years ago they sided with the Western countries of UK/USA to advance their hegemonious aspirations in West Asia. This was not the first time that Kurds have sided with invaders.

For individuals who still use the incorrect term 'Middle East,' the proper term is ''West Asia.' The term 'Middle East' has no historical basis or value and was invented by imperial powers that came to our region for the main purpose of depleting natural resources and creating new countries such as Bahrain and UAE for their bases in the Persian Gulf. See for details:

People in Iran have lived with Kurds for several thousand years, some estimate it to be 7000 years. They eat similar food, and we have had similar celebrations for New Year (Nowruz) for thousands of years. Iranians consider Kurds Iranians. We understand their dialect. They are emotional people similar to many of us in West Asia. They have suffered, as have many of us in West Asia.

Growing up in Iran, one sees news about Kurds and their leaders many times. They have attacked non-Kurdish villages inside of Iran and killed many Iranian soldiers.

Kurds wanting to have their own country, but it will not happen because of the geographical location limitations where the majority of them live. In Iran, people consider Kurds 'Iranians', as they consider Azeri, Gilack, and many other groups as Iranians. Iran has always been a country where many ethnicities and religions have lived together in peace. There is an intersection in downtown Tehran (near Hafez Street) where holy sites for four important religions which have co-existed together for thousands of years. A Synagogue in less than hundred meter from a Zoroastrian temple and a Church, and a Mosque. Nowhere in the world could one observe such a gathering of religions for thousands of years in walking distance from each other where worshipers pray and practice their religion in peace. Nowhere is this peaceful co-existence mentioned in the Western media: Iran has been a center for all religions and beliefs since the inception of history.

Kurds have been promised their own country. The military equipment that they use indicates which groups and countries have supported them in this quest. Kurds have made big mistakes in the past for example, by waving other countries flags thinking that these countries will come to their support.

Kurds have been used to achieve hegemonies in West Asia. Kurds have often sided and helped the wrong groups for several hundred years.

Going back to the Ottoman Empire period, Kurds were used in two major events by Turks (1) to separate most of present Iraq territory from Persia (1600-1800), (2) During the Pasha ruling time, Kurds were used in fighting and killing Armenians. ( In the Armenian genocide of 1915-1923 more than one million Armenians were killed. Because of WWI, the world neglected to recognize this genocide at- the hands of Turks).

Turkey has been a culprit of many conflicts using ISIS to purchase Iraq-Kurdish area oil which actually belonged to Iraq under market prices. Turkey profited hugely by selling this stolen Iraqi oil to European countries. Western countries watched this happen for more than three years and did nothing to sanction Turkey.

Many Kurds, to one estimate, half of the Kurdish population of 30-35 million, have lived in Iran in peace. They have been free to celebrate their religion, rituals, and participate in their growth. Many Kurds were killed when Western countries' sanctioned Saddam Hussain to attack Iran in 1988. Saddam Hussein also used Western manufactured chemicals to kill Iraqi and Iranian Kurds (i.e. the Halabja chemical attack that killed 4,000-5,000 Kurds and injured more than 12,000, some of whom are suffering today in Iran and Iraq). The Western countries of Germany, USA, and UK have tacitly ignored this use of chemical weapons and similar sufferings through their sanctions of Saddam Hussein.

Iranians consider Kurds Iranians, therefore Kurds have a country and it is called Iran. Kurds should put down their arms and live in peace wherever they are, be it in Iran, Turkey, Iraq or elsewhere.

Submitters Bio:

Iran, pronounced Eeran NOT Eye-ran...".> Hint: Italy: Eetaly not Eye-taly.
Iran has been in the region properly termed 'West Asia' -- not the 'Middle East' for thousand of years.

It is heart-warming to see more and more scholars look past politics to discover Iran's contributions to science, film, and literature. One good piece of evidence is the display of Iranian artifacts in the majority of the world's museums.

The term 'Middle East' is a fake term invented in the 20th century for the benefit of rationalizing British (and hence European) imperial interests.

The "Islamic Civilization" is another fake term. Interesting that Western societies do not lump themselves with Koreans and Filipinos onto a single "Christian Civilization."

After living and working in many countries, I have become an environmentalist. I am an independent business Professor and documentary film producer about environment and creatures in it.

I have spent most of my professional life as a university Professor and as an Advisor to companies seeking to streamline their operations and to make them more efficient. My Doctorate Degree is in Quantitative Methods, Production and Operations Management. As a University Professor, I received Outstanding Professor Awards from several universities.

As a film producer, I received the 'Best Foreign Film Award' from several international festivals for my documentary films, e.g., on the spider-tailed viper of Iran which it received a Panda Award from Wildscreen Film Festival in England in October 2018. The award is called Green Oscar among environmentalists. 2019 Awards: NaturVision, Deutscher Wildlife Filmpreis, Germany. 22 Gran Paradiso Film Festival, Cogne, Italy.

Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species listed Spider-tailed Viper on August 27, 2019. This Convention is in Geneva, Switzerland. This action will make sure when I pass away this creature will continue to live.

I welcome competition while my main goal is to educate public and protect the precious environment until I pass away.
The earth belongs to all of us and sadly is in need of care. Dumping waste, especially poisonous weed killers for weeds and Crops similar to "agent orange," should be banned.

Native people should not be forced out of their homes to make room for settlers who arrive from different countries.
Western countries and Russia have not been punished for their crimes against humanity

My professional and personal experience has convinced me that the world has become more dangerous and threatening. I have created several NGOs to protect what is left of the environment and of the creatures in it and to preserve historical heritages with emphasis on Iran's heritage and contributions to this world.

Favorite Quotes which most of them are my own summarize the way I believe:

* Enlightenment is the goal of media but delusion is often its true target.
* The prerequisite for peace is justice for all people and for all nations.
* In the past, weapons were manufactured to fight wars, today wars are manufactured to sell weapons.
* Seeking justice is meaningless if it is not translated into action.
* Western societies and Russia share responsibility for the loss of free societies in many parts of the world, especially in less developed countries. Western countries, Russia and China have depleted natural resources, looted national treasures displaying them in their museums in exchange for deceptive freedom and wealth.
* "Super Powers" would not be "Super Powers" if they minded their own business.
* Hunting is not a sport. A real sportsman defends on his own strengths, not on a firearm.
* Give a man a gun, he may kill someone; give a man a bank, he will kill those who disagree with Western countries' policies.
* "A hungry man is an angry man" Illegal sanctions create hungry man.
* People should not be indoctrinated with lies, only to learn the truth later. Every time a truth is told, some new understanding and tolerance between people and nations can take root.
* Poor does not mean stupid. Rich does not mean civilized and smart.
* The more simply I live and travel, the more I am able to experience life around the world.
* The news is not as bad as you think it is; no news can be as good as you think it is.
* Heaven and Hell is a concept from Zoroastrian religion which has been borrowed by other religions e.g. Islam & Christianity. To me, Heaven is the last twenty years of one's life when you can look back and smile. Hell is when you look back and suffer remorse.
* Happiness isn't where you find it. Happiness is where you create it.
* Rule of force has replaced the rule of law. Bombing innocent people in Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, and elsewhere must stop.
* Any person with a 🔫 gun may rob a bank. Any person that owns a bank is capable of robbing the 🌎 world.