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September 17, 2019

Six Frugal Tips for Hiring a Wedding Planner

By sarmistha choudhary

Planning a wedding can be very tough. Here I share some tips for hiring a wedding planner for your wedding.


Wedding is a once in a lifetime moment. Every person dreams of getting married, tying the knot with their soulmate. When it comes to a wedding planner it is a myriad of rituals, ceremonies and emotional outbursts. Planning for the number of rituals is beyond the ability of a single person. Herein arises the need of hiring a wedding planner. A wedding planner being a professional with years of experience in the field makes the wedding planning a smoother and hassle-free process.

Are you getting hitched soon? Planning to take the vows of eternity in the city of joy? You must be then looking for affordable wedding planners in Ludhiana. The wedding market of the city has number of wedding planners available and from amongst the available choices selecting the apt one is a dainty task. Are you confused about your choice? Here are few tips that would steer your search for a wedding planner in the right direction.

1. Budget

The first and foremost of wedding planning is making the budget. A wedding is an expensive affair and if not planned within a budget then it can burn a hole in your pocket. Weddings are an expensive affair and when it comes to Indian marriages they are known as big fat weddings. The lavishness and grandeur of the big fat weddings is what makes it memorable. But all the grandeur and pompous affair of the weddings comes with a hefty price tag. If you're worried about how would you manage all the entire wedding that too in a budget than the solution is simply, hire a wedding planner. A wedding planner enables you to stick to the budget and in curbing the overexpenses. Set a budget for the wedding planner before hiring one. The budget for a wedding planner would steer your search for the ideal one in the right direction.

2. Experience

It's your wedding, the most awaited day of your life. A single glitch is enough to ruin your d-day. You would not want your special day of love to get spoilt by a minor planning glitch. This is the reason why you should consider hiring an experienced wedding planner. A wedding planner owning to their experience in the field makes your wedding memorable. They not just coordinate with ease with the various wedding vendors like a photographer, caterer but also ensure that everything is in place. During the chaotic times of the wedding sit back and relax as you book an experienced planner with 5-6 years of experience for your wedding.

3. Portfolio

You simply cannot judge a wedding planner simply by looking at their online profiles. For getting the perfect wedding planner you need to meticulously go through their portfolio. A portfolio gives you an insight into the working style, work pattern, past work, brand image and market reputation. A portfolio tells you whether the planner is worth the price or not.

4. Services Offered

One of the important tips that you should keep in mind while booking a wedding photographer is the services offered. The wedding planners have different services according to their different wedding packages. Right from full-day service to month of planning the services offered are several but you need to select the services according to your budget. It is advisable to opt for services that match with your requirement and fall in line with your wedding budget.

5. Team force

In a big fat Indian wedding several rituals are taking place around the wedding venue. The wedding holds a special place in a person's heart, which is why the planning needs to be perfect. A minor glitch is sure enough to ruin the day for the couple and the family. Handling the wedding planning, managing the vendors, getting the wedding venue ready on time--all these are way too much for a single planner to handle no matter how much skilled or experienced they might be. A top wedding planner would always have a team force composed of people who assist them during the entire planning. So while hiring a wedding planner check their team force ask them about the number of helpers who would be available on the venue for the planning.

6. Referrals

You might have liked a planners' portfolio but how to you determine whether they are worth the price or not. After all the wedding is an investment and you would not want your investment to go down the drain by booking a planner who is not trustworthy. The question here arises--how do you ensure that a planner is credible enough? The solution is simple--prior to hiring them ask them to furnish referrals and testimonials received from previous clients served. The referrals account for the credibility, trustworthiness and worth quality. It also ensures you whether you should go ahead with booking them or not.

Following these tips would steer your search for a wedding planner in the right direction. Have you found your wedding planner yet? Share with us about your wedding plans in the comments below.