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June 15, 2019

Deliberate quagmire to aggrandize the Military industrial complex.

By Timothy Franklin

This is about 21st century Presidents using war and the blood of other people's children as a political tool to maintain popularity and power with disregard for the human cost to the less affluent


My entire adult life we've had people in the White House that had no problem in sacrificing other people's children to glorify their own presidency.

George W Bush and Richard Cheney are war criminals and Speaker Pelosi said impeachment was off the table despite other people's children that are still dying in that deliberate quagmire to aggrandize the Military industrial complex.

Every elected Republican president in my adult lifetime sacrificed other people's children to protect their presidency, not in defense of our country or democracy anywhere.

Millionaire and Billionaire presidents in the 21st century have used other people's children as cannon fodder to protect the lifestyle they've become accustomed

Donald Trump of all the nefarious Republican Presidents in my lifetime I think will make glass of the sand in the Arabian Peninsula and kill unknown millions.

Trump's known treason against our union is problematic but my reasoned fear of this sociopath in the white house making America the only country in the history of man to exterminate civilian populations with nuclear weapons for the third time is frightening.

Black people are already being disrespected by my Democrats not impeaching the racist in the White House. We have survived everything this unapologetic racist, sexist and xenophobic nation has thrown at us, but my nightmares are that the soulless beast in the White House may end the breath of man to impress his own selfish ego.

Authors Bio:

Mr. Franklin has been an activist for over 40 years,he is a veteran of the USAF, worked in the Environmental field for over 38 years. Mr. Franklin led a class action lawsuit in 1995 (Franklin vs Metropolitan Council). He Chaired a Minority Coalition in Minnesota for over a decade.He was one of three dynamic personalities on the Jon Eliott Show (Friday Night Forum)on Air America. Worked as volunteer tester for Department of Human Rights.He ran for city council in 2004. He raised four children with his wife Diane and is grandfather of seven.