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April 28, 2019

God for poor

By Dariush Afshar

This article debates if there is a God and he takes care of poor people. The Islamic tyrant authority in Iran and similarity between the Islamic regime with Christian money-making hierarchy.


What's the definition of God--to be or not to be for poor ?

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One god is holding a religious nation that differs from a definition of your real nation with compatriots having different religions. In fact, Islam, homologically to Christianity and Judaism, recognizes nations as the certain people with the same religion and that's how we have had and still have some political regimes established on the basis of a certain religion.

Today not only there are several Islamic republic states in the world, but there is the state of Israel that has legalized the term "Jewish country" to demonstrate the basic religious values of the Judaism.

On the other hand, not only god believers have founded some nations and states under the name of their religions and gods, but even the internationalists such as socialists and communists have taken the same steps to build their own fake nations by forcing their agendas and impelling people and forcing their will through violence and suppression, which we know them as USSR, China, Cuba, North Korea and so on.

In all those lands under different Sharia laws and in the lands under nothingness but the authority of godless but communist minority, the class of poor people have never been perished.

In socialist nations, as the government expectedly could not perish poverty, they decided to keep people in line to accepts a certain level of wages and call it popular and general justice. In Islamic countries, the mullahs never fought imperialism because they traditionally have had a huge wealth of the country through owning lands and structures, mosques and schools. In fact, what any clear mind can expect is that Islam would have been fighting socialism. But it is exactly the opposite.

The alliance between red and black reactionary forces, led to the Islamic and Constitutional Monarchy in 1979 in Iran with the supports of Europeans, US democrats and Soviet Russia.

The poor class in Christian lands also not even did not decreased, but by following the trap guideline of church and its priests, people fell more in the Christian trap, the way that church gradually owned more and more lands while people were paying more taxes, doing all the jobs and having the leasts for life. The fabulous churches built in the past show how wealthy the Christian servants of god have been and there has been no end to it as well. Today the churches of any type own millions of acres of lands worldwide. The churches which belong to a very few amount of people in Europe and US.

The god has brought enough for the poor already. Wars, riots, revolutions that never could have been created and handled without money of rich.

The god, according to bible and Quran, brings natural disasters but the sellers of its religions will come towards the damaged people to tell them how much that god loves them. This process of fooling poor people is called donkey bunking, the term I use it for the first time to explain how religious people are being misused by priests and mullahs to accept and praise the same delusional god which has caused such a tremendous harm and catastrophe.

The idea of supporting poor people from bible, is taken from where the Jesus died young and poor as a carpenter who claimed to be the King of Israelites. That's how they call him king. In Islamic term, Mohammad also claimed to be poor while holding several tens of wives and had occupied several lands and gardens mostly belonging to Jews, out of which Fatima inherited one garden from his prophet father called "Fadak".

The poor people and poverty are the very basic excuse for religions today to invest their religious ideologies and spread their hateful biblical speech worldwide.

Mother Teresa, which well said is the "Angel of Hell" by Christopher Hitchens is whom who fully supported rich church and was raised by church to bring that agenda among the very poor people of the post British exploited India not only to refresh the Indians' minds towards the Brits who have been looting their land for several centuries, but to replace the probable revenge and hatred with the love of Christian god and its stupid heaven-and-hell thing.

If we are wise to be futuristic atheists, we will consider a global agenda to systematically remove poverty from our societies and that's how we really fight the religions and their gods of any kind. Don't expect socialists and anti nationalist gangs to support you and if you still have this naiveness that liberals and leftists are going to cooperate with you to establish and proceed this globally working agenda, you just need to take a look at the past and today of the alliance between red socialists and black Islamic regime in Iran.

Authors Bio:
Iranian freelance writer, translator and blogger; Political and Islam-criticizing activist.