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September 22, 2006

Bush Fighting Hard Against Impeachment!

By Angellight


Democrats, Independents, and all Americans who care deeply about this county, must work hard against this Administration like our lives depend on it. Bush Is!

Does one really believe that President Bush is campaigning/making all those public speeches on tortue, terrorism, etc., solely to help Republican candidates for the upcoming November elections? No. He is running, fighting hard not to be Impeached, not to have Investigations into his illegal wire tapping, Halliburton's mishandling of funds, and the lies and misconceptions which got us into this war/occupation in Iraq.

So too, must we American people, fight hard to defeat this insult and injustice on our Country like our lives depended on it, BECAUSE it does. Our lives, our neighbor's lives, the soldiers' lives, our children and the lives of those innocent people in Iraq.

Although Iraq voted for a government, it is a Dummy government, in name only. Whenever the Iraqi people need anything from their government, they go the U.S. Occupying Forces there, not their democratic elected government, because they have no power; they control nothing. Not the oil, not the water, not the electricity. In fact, the Iraqi people only have the use of water and electricity about half of the day. And, where are the hospitals and schools they promised to build? However they are Building U.S. Bases (4) and the soldiers are protecting the oil in Iraq but not the Iraqi people to ensure their health, wealth and welfare.

And, just like they let the Iraqi people down, they have let our Country down. Our jobs have gone over seas or are slowly going out of business and there are mass layoffs. They manipulate the oil prices here and in Iraq. They manipulate the terror threats and try to keep us in fear. They fight a War on Terror, but our borders are not secure and the suggestions of the 911 Commission have yet to be implemented. Money is spent in Iraq for Bases and to protect the Oil but not for the Iraqi people or the American people here at home. We are in deep trouble, and yes, we must fight this injustice like our lives depend on it, like our World depends on it, because it does.

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