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November 21, 2018

Jonestown meets Trump Village

By Don Scotten

Just having a little fun within the political arena.


The cult leader Jim Jones was recently mentioned in the news and I could not help seeing the remarkable similarities between Jim Jones and his followers and Don Trump and his followers.

The Jim Jones phenomenon has always fascinated and horrified me. As you recall, Jim Jones was an ego-maniacal, charismatic, self-proclaimed religious leader in San Francisco. More interesting to me is the psychology of his followers who like all religious people of all faiths seek opportunity to defer their power to some higher source. More succinctly, these folks worship their controllers. Ultimately, the ego-maniacal nature of Jim Jones led that psychopath and his worshippers to a remote region of Guyana South America where he had them practice drinking Kool-aid that one day would be laced with cyanide--this did occur, literally making the case that drinking the Kool-aid leads to self destruction.

Need I elaborate further?

Don Scotten

Authors Bio:

I am an ordinary citizen who for the first sixty years of his life was mostly disinterested in politics. Then George Bush and Dick Cheney intruded into my consciousness and I realized politics is important and determines who lives and who dies.

In recent years I have written a series of letters to newspapers expressing my concern for my fellow man and this beautiful planet. I truly appreciate the OPEDNEWS forum as opportunity to help find a way to a better future.