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October 24, 2018

Unprecedented Voter's Guide and Analysis of the Politics of Climate Change

By Karyn Strickler

Use Vote Climate U.S. PAC's national climate-change voter's guide to make climate a top priority on Election Day.


Vote Climate U.S. PACdeveloped a first-of its-kind, national climate-change voter's guide, giving every incumbent and challenger for a seat in the U.S. House and U.S. Senate a - Climate Calculation - a score for voters to take to the polls on Election Day, Tuesday November 6th. Our climate calculations, ranging from Climate Hero to Climate Zero, will help each voter in America to vote climate in the 2018 mid-term elections.

It is unprecedented that a national, climate-change voter's guide has assessed incumbents and challengers. This voter's guide goes beyond votes in Congress to assess position, leadership and putting a fee on carbon. Vote Climate U.S. PAC's historical effort has the potential to dramatically shift American politics toward climate-action.

Vote Climate U.S. PAC's voter's guide is simple to use, just go to our voter's guidepage on our website. Click your state on the map or enter your zip code. If you don't know your congressional district, click this linkon our page under FAQ to get it. Find your district and vote for the candidate with the highest score or climate calculation. Our methodology for incumbents and challengers can also be found on our website.

A recent report from the IPCC said that if we are going to limit global warming to 1.5 -C, agreed as necessary by the Paris Climate Agreement, we will need unparalleled changes is all aspects of society - perhaps nowhere more so than in our politics. Polls showthat American voters want political action on climate change. Vote Climate U.S. PAC's unique voter's guide is a tool to help voters to make climate change a top priority

Our "Climate Rankings" page analyzes the data from researching nearly 1,000 candidates to provide a breakdown of:

- Climate Heroes: Incumbents and Challengers Who Rated 100%

- Climate Zeroes: Incumbents and Challengers Who Rated 0 %

- Best to Worst Individual Incumbents and Challengers on Climate Change

- Overall Average Climate Comparisons by Political Party

- Overall Average Climate Comparisons by Swing Districts

- Overall Average Climate Comparisons by Region and Party.

It's up to voters to use our voter's guide to choose climate action in the 2018 mid-terms, to make climate change a top-priority issue. When voters start to make climate change an electoral issue, one on which you can win or lose elections, we will see dramatic action quickly. Our voter's guide makes it easy to vote climate.

Karyn Strickler is president of Vote Climate U.S. PAC working to elect candidates to get off fossil fuels, transition to clean, renewable, energy and put a fee on carbon, in order to slow climate change and related weather extremes.

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Karyn Strickler is a political scientist, grassroots organizer and writer. She is founder and president of Vote Climate U.S. PAC, working to elect candidates to get off fossil fuels and put a price on carbon. Karyn is the former host and producer of Climate Challenge Media, the first and only TV show in the nation to focus exclusively on climate change and related issues.