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September 5, 2018

Don't You Just Love Trump Endgame Scenarios?

By Philip Kraske

Scenarios left, scenarios right. There's nothing like a good end-of-Trump read to ease the pain.

Have we arrived at August '74?
Is the crisis upon us, now open the door
Of Marine One to fly the president away,
And make most the nation loud cheer and hooray?
Most, but not all, for deplorables will moan,
And seeing reporters will throw stick and stone.
We read Frank Rich on Trump's future downslide,
A Nixonian fall as Repubs leave his side,
Which gives them more cred than they prob'ly deserve,
Since as long as he reigns they're willing to serve,
And only a revolution with Congress full blue,
Will do it to make Don red-faced in full hue.
Or is this a pipe dream as Bob Reich divines?
Since it ain't likely that Don Trump resigns,
Though accused to the depth of his bright orange skin,
He'll survive by the hairs of his chiny chin chin,
Republicans keeping him beyond every reach,
Unwilling to leave him or even impeach.
Others leave the weight on Bob Mueller's shoulders,
To look beneath stones and move some big boulders,
Though proving a deal, and in Russian at that,
Is like swatting mosquitos with fat baseball bat,
Even if he flips o'er some big greaseball goons,
Trump could still say that it's all Looney Tunes.
Voila la diff' between Don and Tricky Dick,
As there's no shame incurred, it's just legal shtick.
The prez must be sat down in front of a judge,
And till then it's just talk, hot rumor and grudge.
Unless it comes out that Trump killed his granny,
He'll make all pucker before his big fanny.

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