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March 29, 2018

Bottom-Up Guidelines for OEN commenters: Creating a Friendly Community

By OpEdNews admin

Some basic rules on how to relate here at OpEdNews.


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Some basic rules on how to relate here at OpEdNews.

OpEdNews welcomes cordial and open-minded conversations in comments. We do not allow nastiness, belligerence, misogyny, and other types of personal or ad hominem attacks here. These are grounds for loss of privileges or even banning.

Because this is a bottom-up site, we also depend on members to flag inappropriate comments so these can be dealt with, and we appreciate the cooperation we get in this.

Our comment threads are not battlegrounds, and we intend to keep them from becoming such. Therefore commenters who engage in these types of nasty behaviors are likely to find privileges revoked suddenly. Our goal is to create a safe arena for the kind of creative communication between commenters that leads to new insights, friendly connections and greater understandings for participants.

There are swamps everywhere; we are working on cleaning ours up. Thanks for your patience and participation.

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OpEdNews Administrator account used by editors to post open threads, community building threads, and OEN editorials on behalf of the editorial board. It is also used as the submitter of Progressive News Feed articles. It is not associated with any individual person.