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April 19, 2017

US military confrontation with North Korea averted for the present, carrier task force now headed for the Indian Ocean

By Dave Lefcourt

According to "Defense News" a carrier the Trump administration announced as heading for the Korean peninsula in response to N.Korea's ballistic missile tests is heading for the Indian Ocean 3500 miles away from N.Korea. Considering all the bombast we heard lately about a show of force to confront Korean leader Kim Song un maybe sanity occurred in the Trump crowd & a potential military confrontation is averted for the present.


USS Carl Vinson sailed away from, not to, Korean Peninsula   .,  degrees  .. The aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson, which was supposedly headed to the Korean peninsula, has actually ...
USS Carl Vinson sailed away from, not to, Korean Peninsula ., degrees .. The aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson, which was supposedly headed to the Korean peninsula, has actually ...
(Image by YouTube, Channel: ARIRANG NEWS)
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Aircraft carrier Carl Vinson sailing into Indian Ocean 3500 miles away from the Korean peninsula

The sound you just heard was a sigh of relief- at least for the present.

The Carl Vinson carrier task force the Trump administration had announced as headed for the Korean peninsula-in response to North Korea testing ballistic missiles- is according to a New York Times account [1] is now heading in the opposite direction toward the Indian Ocean for war games with the Australian Navy.

The Times alluded to a "Defense News" report [2] which revealed the Vinson "On Saturday-according to photographs released by the U.S. Navy-the carrier passed north through the Sunda Strait, the passage between Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Java. It's about 3500 miles from Korea." That revelation was confirmed by "U.S. Navy officials in Pearl Harbor and Washington declined to comment on the ships movements other than to confirm the April 15 movement through the Sunda Strait". Then lastly the Defense News report had this to say, "off the record, several officials expressed wonderment at the persistent reports that the Vinson was already nearing Korea, 'We've made no such statement', said one official".

Well... considering all the bombast we heard lately from the likes of President Trump, his press secretary Sean Spicer, Pentagon spokesman Dana White, Defense Secretary James Mattis, national security advisor H. R. McMaster and Vice President Mike Pence visiting the South Korean side of the demilitarized zone all mouthing assertions the Vinson would bring a show of force that would deter North Korean leader Kim Song un to desist further testing of his ballistic missiles, one would think the US was heading for a direct military confrontation with a North Korea possessing nuclear weapons. That reported carrier task force heading for Korea would hardly be a minor provocation taken lightly by Kim who revealed at the time he'd keep testing ballistic missiles every week and continue to develop his nuclear arsenal as a deterrent against any US attack.

Somehow sanity came about within the Trump crowd and a potential conflict was averted at least for the moment.

Actually it's anyone's guess how sanity prevailed in this instance considering the belligerent outfit filling the White House corridors. Maybe the realization provoking Kim with a task force heading in his direction might indeed be a bad idea. Maybe China's President Xi -who met Trump a week ago in Florida- called the "Donald" got Trump's attention in time to avert a potential disastrous conflict. Who knows.

But leave no doubt there's an unpredictability to the Trump gang starting with the president himself and no one knows what the next hornet's nest this mob will stir up.

The Times article read like a bad "who done it", something reminiscent of a Keystone Kops episode or the gang that couldn't shoot straight or simply the right hand didn't know what the left hand was doing.

But today's reality isn't old Hollywood when provocations made by the US could result in the unthinkable.

And make no mistake it's US provocations toward North Korea, Iran, Russia, China, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan et al that are creating instability in the world, not the other way around.

Of course one would never see or hear this from the US complicit MSM. It's always North Korea threatening the US with its ballistic missile tests and nuclear weapons, China constructing militarized artificial islands in the South China Sea intending to interfere with "freedom of navigation", Russia "invading" Crimea and Putin interfering with US elections or Iran testing its ballistic missiles violating the recent agreement signed with the P5&1 last year.

All bogus notions but mischaracterized by "official" Washington and the media as "enemies" provoking the US, its puppet allies in Europe, Japan, Australia. Only it's all propaganda demonizing some "other" against an innocent America that's only in the world to do good.

It's as if all the coups, assassinations, false flag attacks, regime changes, wars and occupations since the end of WWII perpetrated by the US never occurred and if the US did them it was to prevent a Communist takeover- Vietnam, attack a country that possessed WMD-that it didn't have-Iraq or whatever BS could be dreamed up to propagandize and indoctrinate the American people to believe it all was necessary to protect them and thereby support the government.

It's infuriating to be aware of all the deception and realize so many American's remain in a fantasy world of some purported US goodness. That to recognize the truth, how sinister its government is too much to bear, that it would undermine and unravel everything they were taught to believe.

Now just focusing on Trump as if he alone is the epitome of evil without recognizing those before him were equally complicit in US machinations is also a fantasy.

Because ALL the essential policies since the end of WWII are the same-attaining US hegemony over the world, by any means necessary, against whatever "enemy" could be contrived be it Communism, terrorism, Russia, China, Iran, North Korea. Without "enemies'" the whole edifice would be laid bare revealing a nation of crazed leaders that others in the world recognize as the main threat against peace in the world.

But I digress. Getting back to the more immediate issues at hand:

Trump's missile attack on Syria two weeks ago should never have occurred as recent reports indicate the building bombed by the Syrian air forces was an arsenal of lethal gas stored by al Qaeda militants in an area under its control and the gas released killed many Syrian's living in close proximity. The idea the government of President Bashar Assad knew the building contained lethal gas and intentionally bombed it to kill innocent Syrian civilian's is absurd. Assad's Syrian Arab Army along with the Russian air forces, the Iranian's, Hezbollah and Iraqi militia's are winning the war in Syria. New talks to end the war were to occur shortly and Assad intentionally gassing his own people under these circumstances is a nonsensical proposition as this would be reviled in all the world which would surely turn against him.

As for the carrier task force "snafu" in an age of less tension such a snafu could be laughed at. Not now. Not in a world with so many countries possessing nuclear weapons that with some miscalculation could result in a nuclear conflagration.

One would think the carrier snafu would be a wake-up call to the Trump crowd. Twittering bombast isn't diplomacy; that ALL military operations need to be kept on a short leash; that allegations and assessments of domestic and international incidents require independent investigations before some unnecessary bull headed action is taken.

Hopefully that's something for the Trump administration to come to terms with.

Whether that will actually happen is another matter.

[1] "Aircraft Carrier wasn't Sailing to Deter North Korea, as U.S. Suggested", by Mark Lendler and Eric Schmitt, "The New York Times", April 18, 2017

[2] "Nothing to see here: U.S. carrier still thousands of miles from Korea", by Christopher P. Cavas, "Defense News", April 17, 2017

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