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April 4, 2017

By Force: United Nations Pedophilia, Rape, Forced Pregnancy, Prostitution and Ethnic Cleansing of National Groups

By Èzili Dantò

Ezili HLLNetwork Challenge for United Nations So-Called New "Zero Tolerance" Task Force. UN forces in Haiti commit heinous crimes & rape against helpless women & children with mostly total impunity. It must end. They're vectors of not just rape & violence, but diseases. This article addresses the censorship as a follow-up to the Al Jazeera interview on UN aid workers Sexual Abuse.


The Ezili HLLNetwork Challenge for the United Nations So-Called New "Zero Tolerance" Task Force
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Ezili Danto on The Stream - Sexually abused by aid workers Part I and II
Ezili Danto on The Stream - Sexually abused by aid workers Part I and II
(Image by Ezili Danto)
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Ezili Danto of HLLN censoredfor pointing out colonialism of U.N. aid workers' pedophilia, rape, child pornography, forced prostitution, forced pregnancy, ethnic cleansing, cultural interruptions and destruction of national groups with near total impunity and immunity.
In 2005, the United Nations said it had a "zero tolerance" for sexual abuse by its personnel in the Congo, but that it would not take direct responsibility for babies abandoned by its troops.

When the story broke about the UN soldiers' rape and resulting pregnancy on minors and women, former US Ambassador to the Congo and then head of the UN peacekeeping mission, William Lacy Swing, said the United Nation's Congo mission is:

"currently looking at a way to have a clearer and more viable paternity policy."

Swing reportedly said:

"It pains us all. It's absolutely odious. And we're determined to wipe it out."

That was over a decade ago.

Today, former US Ambassador, Lacy Swing, is one of the high-level UN/US career diplomats appointed by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres to a new task force to respond to sexual exploitation and rape in a more "victim centered," community-based, transparent and just manner.

This is essentially what the UN pointed out on the March 28 Aljazeera show, through Christian Saunders, also a member in the new U.N. "zero tolerance" task force and the Director at the Under-Secretary-General of the Department of Management.

Here's our HLLN challenge to the United Nations on its "zero tolerance" spiel which we have all heard before.

If nothing else, to prove its new "zero tolerance" the United Nations and its collaborators should start by helping all the Haiti victims interviewed for Femi Oke's Aljazeera story, "Haiti By Force."

These few Haiti victims should at least receive help, both psychological and financial, from the United Nations.

Also, in 2007, HLLN asked for a copy of the investigation of brothels put into Haiti by Sri Lankan soldiers. To this day, even though we again sent another requestin 2009 and an open letterand public appeal. As customary, the UN never responded. No agency in the UN acknowledged our victims nor their complaints whatsoever. I again publicly reiterate this request for all information on the victims and circumstances dealing with the more than 100 Sri Lankan soldiers who had set up brothels in Haiti in the same manner UN soldiers did in Bosnia back in 1999.

It is totally disingenuous if the UN does not do so. We're hopeful that Ms. Femi Oke/Aljazeera, which the public records show, has deep UN pecuniary and career interests, will continue her good work by also insisting on UN help for the victims. All the UN has to do is take a DNA test on the children of the rapes noted in "Haiti By Force" documentary, insist the member states involved or UN agencies involved put it into their personnel medical data banks to find the matching fathers and prove or disprove the women's allegations.

Failure to expedite such a procedure is a wilful failure to act.

Recall, that as the head of the UN peacekeeping forces in the Congo, former US ambassador, William Lacy Swing, stated in 2005, that the UN was "currently looking at a way to have a clearer and more viable paternity policy."

Making good on this decades-old commitment so to help with the Haiti "UN-MINUSTAH babies" is the least Christian Saunders of the UN and Liz Bloomfield of InterAction can do after using AJStream to sell their "zero tolerance" spiel.

Otherwise, I was on the panel for nothing but to sell both Aljazeera's documentary and give credibility to the UN with our expertise. The women's stories and pain were just props and voyeuristic entertainment for the AJStream audience.
The Ezili HLLNetwork will be on guard and watching out for good news for these few Haiti women survivors of UN rape and will continue to publicly insist on it.
The UN, as mercenary guns for the Western powers, may be above the law in the citadels of colonial power. But it enjoys no such immunity in the public opinion courts.

A Brief History of the UN/US Establishment's Use of the Zero Tolerance Card

For the survivor communities the Ezili Network services, the United Nations' newest round of lip-service to "zero tolerance" is mocking, manipulative rubbish that's insulting, and offensive, considering their first response whenever presented with UN abuses of every nature, are to deny, cover-up, decriminalize, obfuscate and lie about the victims' experiences.

This was done when the UN brought cholera to Haiti. It's particularly true when the survivors of UN rape, pedophilia, sex slavery, forced prostitution, forced pregnancy, human trafficking and child pornography are brought to their attention. (See, New Emails Reveal Obama, Clintons Led Cover Up of Cholera Outbreak in Haiti-- UN Peacekeepers caused the epidemic, which affected almost a million people, March 31, 2017; and UN Peacekeepers and Humanitarian Aid Workers raping, molesting and abusing Haitian children.)

The UN also mostly did not stop and punish the UN soldiers and civilians who raped Black women, girls and boys in the Congo. But they sure had the former US Ambassador to the Congo, Lacy Swing, doing media afterward to tout their so-called "zero tolerance" and "let's move forward, not look back at what was done in the past" spiel. (See, Peace at What Price?: U.N. Sex Crimes in Congo.)

Over 110 Sri Lankan UN soldiers were expelled from Haiti. Haitians experienced them kidnapping, operating brothels and raping Haiti women, girls and boys.

Haiti women who followed the Sri Lankan soldiers had to be rescued from brothels and polygamous households and returned to Haiti.

To date, the UN has failed to release their investigations or to assist the many victims, despite numerous Ezili HLLN request for their reports. The Haitian Permanent Mission that has the right to request these reports has abandoned the Haiti population. In fact, the current Haiti leaders, from the 2010, 2015 and 2016 Haiti presidential and/or parliamentary elections, were mostly not legitimately elected or appointed by the due authority of the Haitian people. They were put into office over Haiti resistance and protests which the UN troops quelled with live bullets. They were put in through fake elections presided over by the Clinton-Obama State Department and senior UN officials.

Moreover, Haiti lawyers at HLLN say the UN does not have immunity because the SOFA agreement allowing MINUSTAH into Haiti was signed by a George W. Bush-imposed Boca Raton resident, Gerald Latortue in 2004. Latortue was a career UN-employee who had no authority to bind a Haitian nation that did not elect him. So, MINUSTAH is the fruit of a rotten tree that extends itself illegally through local puppets it puts in office to sign off for its own immunity. It subverts democracy and brought rape, repression, death and a cholera epidemic to Haiti, not stability. The UN's own records show that the violence rate in Haiti was 5.6 per 100,000 people in 2007. But under UN-MINUSTAH's 13-year reign, Haiti's violence doubled to 10.2 per 100,000.

On July 28, 2011, UN soldiers from Uruguay, stationed in the beautiful scenic Southern town of Port Salut, Haiti, used a cellphone camera to film themselves laughing, as FOUR of them pinned down on a mattress, brutally raped and sodomized, Johnny Jean, an 18-year-old Haiti boy they had kidnapped and brought to their barracks. The UN's first reaction was to deny it happened. Five perpetrators were indicted by an Uruguayan court and four were convicted of "private violence," not rape. (See video of the rape "Uruguay UN soldiers kidnap and brutally gang rape 18-year old Johnny Jean.")


It's January 2017 and UN Secretary-General António Guterres already knows that the UN cannot be its own investigator, judge, jury and executioner. Yet, he is washing his hands in zero tolerance rhetoric while drying it on the same old dirty towel of the career UN personnel he's put on his "High-Level Task Force to Improve United Nations Approach for Preventing, Addressing Sexual Abuse."

On March 28, 2017, I was invited to share my expertise as a human rights lawyer and expert familiar with the plight of the UN rape survivors on Aljazeera Stream.

My co-panelists for the show were: Peter Gallo (former UN investigator); Catherine Plumridge (Humanitrain); Megan Nobert (Report the Abuse); Christian Saunders (UN Dept. of Mgmt) and Liz Bloomfield (InterACTION).

Femi Oke of Aljazeera
brought in a few clips from her Faultlines documentary of the Haiti women who were raped by the odious UN perpetrators in the same space that's simultaneously putting the UN at ease to not "speak about their cases."
The show seemed objective and critical of the UN failures. But essentially, the UN got to have full and largely unimpeded access to do heavy PR for "zero tolerance" while generally strumming our pain, stabbing at our open wounds, deflecting attention away from their failures: saying that rape is a universal danger for women; that only a few rogue UN soldiers and PMSCs in UN uniforms are involved; and that the UN's colonial rape culture can be aggressively, openly and successfully addressed by the same career UN insiders, like Lacy Swing, who have failed to "wipe it out" for decades. Swing from the Congo and Haiti regime change fame is at the UN as head of IOM and is on Guterres' new task force to address endemic UN pedophilia and rape of the people they're sent to protect.



(Sidebar) I was so impressed that the Aljazeera documentary let the Haiti women speak for themselves. The children were well presented, hair combed and looking beautiful. So grateful, I did not expect Aljazeera censorship. I expected pushback only from the UN. So, I mistakenly did not check out the UN, World Bank, European Union career background of the Aljazeera host. Not until after the show and very angry Ezili Network viewers began sending me these:

"As a speaker, Femi is a go-to moderator for the World Bank, United Nations and European Union." --

"Whenever I hear people complain about the UN I always remind them that it can only be as good as its members. I'm a huge fan of the UN so I'm always optimistic about its potential." - Femi Oke, Flow With the Stream: My Stroll With Femi Oke

"The West has Two Faces, One Evil" -- Ezili Danto of HLLN, The Quiet Genocide in Haiti.


These UN reps can't see themselves participating in the culture of cover-ups, obfuscations and hiding behind bureaucratic procedures and circuitous denials. They cannot see that de-criminalizing or reducing United Nations' pedophilia, rape, forced pregnancy, and forced prostitution by calling it "transactional sex," "sex for food scandal," "illicit sexual activities," or "survival sex" is part of the problem. It indirectly blames the victim and defends the perpetrators.

Well, I wasn't about to take part in being so prostituted in order to give legitimacy to colonial myths and manipulations and I said so. Point blank. The UN won't tout its "zero tolerance" card in front of me while Femi of Aljazeera Stream uses clips of Haiti women who were raped as props. Not having it.

The UN has been abusing women and children in Haiti for decades and covering it up.

There are not many Haitians who haven't heard of Edmond Mulet's despicable actions in Haiti -- not only in manipulating the 2010 Haiti elections after the apocalyptic earthquake but we Haitians know how the big powers at the United Nations, use mentally colonized Black, Asian and Latin American faces and their various soldiers of fortunes at their NGOs, to cover-up, blackmail and pay off the poor Haiti mothers, poor boys and girl rape victims. We know the poor local Haiti staffers and witnesses, working for the UN, who are victims of rape, degradation, and even murder, inside the "culture" of the UN agencies in countries like Haiti. They are our people, our family. (See, the documentary, Fatal Assistance by Raoul Peck and read articles about how Edmond Mulet, the head of MINUSTAH in 2010, claimed UN immunity when on August 17, 2010, a 16-year-old Gerard Jean Gilles was suffocated in a UN compound. The Haitian judge assigned to the case subpoenaed a Haitian employee of the UN-MINUSTAH who had argued with the boy before his death. But with characteristic UN arrogance, Guatemalan diplomat and senior career UN employee, Edmond Mulet, claimed UN immunity for all its workers.)

The UN consistently retaliated against any staff members who try to report sexual violence. I know this as the head of HLLN, dedicated to defending the human rights of Haitians living at home and abroad, since before 1994.

Countless Haitians are no longer alive to tell their stories. So, the UN will not hide behind procedure, euphemism, and obfuscation while I am still around. That's the job of the George Soros/UN-NGOs and the Hillary Clinton Foundation lawyer-activists who are dependent on the perpetrators' funding, approvals and access -- the function of status quo sycophants and their media outlets. (See, Hillary Clinton and Quiet Genocide in Haiti Hides behind Humanitarian Front.)

The UN, its NGOs and affiliates need to hear the unvarnished truth repeatedly and from untainted voices who are not on its payroll in any manner, shape or form.

Where Did the Parasitic United Nations Rape Culture Come from and How Does it Continue to Amplify Itself Virtual Unimpeded?

The UN is structurally and mind-bogglingly undemocratic.

The five World War II winners have veto power in an organization with 193 member nations. The UN embodies the historical culture of rape practiced by its top three former enslaving Eurasian powers for over 500 years. The UN as an organization, masterfully covers-up and fronts for white domination in Black and Brown faces while the United States, England, and France continue spreading their generally patriarchal pederasty-based, profit-over-people, militaristic "cultures."

These three Security Council veto powers readily use their fake news corporatist media to advance the U.N. mumbo jumbo on zero tolerance about "SEA -- sexual abuse and exploitation" without a hitch. The powers-that-be count on the general public's desire for peace on earth and have betrayed and abused that trust for over 60-years.

China and Russia lost the Cold War and now follow, to a lesser extent in Haiti, but still in lock step with the other top global warmongers within UN-MINUSTAH. Perhaps they're there to spy on their rivals. Or, to have a reason to do surveillance on the AFRICOM of the Western Hemisphere, which is what we at HLLN call the UN forces in Haiti.

Either way, all the nations have landed on poor, helpless Haiti to help the global oligarchy and extraction companies cart out its purest of iridium mountains (one ton of iridium is worth $45 billion; over $20 billion in gold, over $8 billion in copper and over $120 billion in raw oil and gas reserves.) The US built its fourth largest embassy in Haiti to declare our strategic importance to its rivals.

The only one who doesn't know what's going is the general public listening to the corporate media drone on and on about the UN's good works and how Haiti needs the Western powers' fake charity, fake aid, fake elections and fake peacekeepers who help to carry out the quiet genocide, using force and fraud, to take poor Haitians off valuable lands, offshore islands and shorelines.

During the Aljazeera interview (see videos below), the UN representatives took absolutely no responsibility for UN failures and travesties. Christian Saunders said there was no "silver bullet" to stop their "culture" [of rape.] Drone on about how they were going to push some papers around; hire more NGOs (mostly made up of their cronies and family members); have some more meetings with themselves about the subject when the money they're paying themselves to talk about the sexual abuse and exploitations could indeed be put to better use by the victims and their fatherless children. But no, the best we can expect is possible criminal actions.

When pressed, the perky, UN-NGO creepy chick with a permanent Joker-style smile, could not name one successful prosecution from their new NGO initiative. But, wait, the good news for any future victim, announced Christian Saunders, is that the Secretary-General might make a call to a head of state to push for prosecution! Mr. Saunders said this with a straight face, as if there are no current UN sexual predator the UN is covering-up for which Guterres could push get prosecuted, right now!

They gave me a big stomach ache. It was the classic good/cop, bad/cop working for the same precinct thing. The entire exercise was well scripted, disgusting and painful to endure. (See, Ezili at UN Capitalizing on Cholera: playing arsonist and fireman; The Quiet Genocide in Haiti -- The West has Two Faces, One Evil.)

Let me help you take a peek just beyond the Aljazeera screen here.

The new U.N. Secretary General himself, Antonia Guterres, was rounded up and duly characterized as the very soul of sincerity on the video clip Aljazeera played to give gravitas to UN "zero tolerance." But let's recall, Guterres was High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). He took over after the previous High Commissioner, Ruud Lubbers. Lubbers, a Dutch national, had to resign after being found to have sexually harassed a female staff member.

The case of Caroline Hunt-Matthes is indicative. Ms. Hunt-Matthes was an investigator in UNHCR who suffered retaliation and lost her job after she investigated a case of an UNHCR staff member who raped a local woman in Sri Lanka in 2004. She now holds the record for the longest-running case in the history of the UN legal tribunals.

Guterrres as the head of UNHCR could have ordered a review of what went on, and whether his own investigation department had been involved in trying to cover up a rape. But he never did so. Let's hope he does better for the Haiti rape victims.

There's ample evidence that the UN has abused its immunity under the 1946 Convention to deny responsibility for criminal activity, therefore

1). The United Nations needs to go the way of the League of Nations, period, no comma. But when I am pressed to deal with the powers that keep it intact, that keep this terrorist supernation that is above the law, we Haitians at HLLN say that:

2.) The least decent world citizens should do is insist that, for the time being, before its total dismantling, that the UN be stripped of its immunity. The fact that UN troops are immune from prosecution or legal action, encourages more abuses;

3). All allegations of wrongdoing should be investigated by an independent agency. The UN cannot be its own watchdog; and,

4.) Besides the blue helmet so-called "peacekeepers" in Haiti, there are at least 16 other United Nations agencies in Haiti dumping their nasty "culture" on an innocent people. They too need to exit pronto.

With their organizational culture of rape, these agencies also destabilize the nations they enter. United Nations salaries are so much higher than local salaries that Haitians who work for them, their NGO and their Bretton Woods affiliates become enablers, complicit in the foul "culture" they have to endure to make a living and many adapt their attitudes: "Have money, will buy."

Our African societies, our Bosnian societies become assimilated to more and more corruption and violence to simply survive these predators. In many cases, indigenous cultures that lived in harmony and cared for the environment for numerous millennia are disrupted when the profit over people invaders land on us, not with their good but their worst.

-- Ezili Danto (@Ezilidanto) March 31, 2017

The truth is out there and it's clear.

The UN is a tool of empire, a military occupation force in Haiti which commits heinous crimes against helpless women and children with mostly total impunity.

They are vectors of not just rape and violence, but diseases.

They bring Western waste, plastics, lifestyle, guns, drugs and pollution to mostly contaminate, assimilate and pacify the locals to their so-called high tech "superiority."

They brought the cholera epidemic that poisoned Haiti's waters, killed way over 10,000 Haitians and made nearly one million sick. The UN continually covers-up and vastly understates the numbers of rapes their personnel commit on the most vulnerable peoples in the Western Hemisphere. (See Ezili at Rape of Haiti Children by UN soldiers Vastly Understated.)

The UN has a history of punishing the decent employees and whistleblowers within their ranks who report rape, pedophilia, child pornography, sodomy, sexual slavery and violence.

The UN is the face of oppression and tyranny in Haiti and it interprets the international laws it arbiters in a manner to shield it and give itself impunity and immunity.

Yet, neither the UN Charter, nor the slew of international laws (including the peacekeepers' Status of Force (SOFA) agreement, the 1946 Convention on Privileges and Immunities, UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, to name a few...) which the UN arbiters, provides immunity for criminal behavior or acts that fall outside the mandated function for carrying out the UN peacekeeping missions and aid worker impositions. I've said so as a lawyer over and over again. Rape and dumping raw feces in Haiti waters and then covering these malfeasances up, are crimes, not functions of bringing stability to Haiti.

Immunity doesn't mean impunity. De-criminalizing the United Nations' blue helmet and their civilian personnel's pedophilia, rape, forced pregnancy, forced prostitution as "transactional sex," "sexual exploitation" and/or "illicit sexual activities" are part of the problem.
The UN system is a glaring monstrosity.

In Haiti, it helps to conduct fake elections and uses the legitimacy of the UN name to give the NGO charitable industry, the Clintons and the World Bank the space to conduct fake earthquake relief while the corporatocracy plunders Haiti lands and natural resources behind the scene.

Free Haiti Movement
Free Haiti Movement
(Image by Ezili Danto)
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End US occupation of Haiti behind UN mercenary guns to stop United Nations aid workers's rape of Haitians.
Haiti has less violence than most Western Hemispheric nations. There's no agreement between two warring parties for the UN-MINUSTAH shoot-to-kill chapter 7 mission to enforce. But, the UN illegally lends its uniform, guns, trucks, helicopters and logo to the imperialist order to deflect charges of colonialism, racism, sexism and the hidden genocidal war against Haiti. They confer a seeming legality to the occupation of Haiti while carrying out the Neoliberal colonial interests of the US-Euro powers at a discounted rate.The US has openly admitted that:

".. it would cost the United States about twice as much as the United Nations to conduct a peacekeeping operation similar to the current UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti." (See, Cost Comparison of Actual UN and Hypothetical U.S. Operations in Haiti.)

Former US Ambassador to Haiti Janet Sanderson said in October 2008 that "Without a UN-sanctioned "force, we would be getting far less help "in managing Haiti." (See, Wikileaks cable.)

"The UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti is an indispensable tool in realizing core USG policy interests in Haiti."-- Janet Sanderson, US Ambassador to Haiti;

Former US Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, once publicly stated:

"The truth is: the UN Security Council can't even issue a press release without America's blessings." --Susan Rice, February 11, 2011 (See also, Haiti Can't Seem to Disengage from "Henchman" Merten and Haitians protest targets Kenneth Merten, ex-US ambassador to Haiti.)

Given all the aforementioned statements of fact and references, it's clear that the partisan UN and its appendages cannot police themselves, fairly apply the United Nations charter or international law.Perhaps an independent task force with credible folks, who work outside the UN and the NGO system, could put a temporary bandage on this monstrosity before it's duly folded and replaced by a more democratic and non-politicized human rights system.

Tell President Trump and Ambassador Nikki Haley Not to Extend UN mission in Haiti on April 11, 2017. Justice and Restitution for the UN-MINUSTAH rape and forced prostitution victims - A Free Haiti Movement event

UN Aid Workers and Peacekeeper Rape, Pedophilia and Sexual Violence

For Haiti, these last 13-years, wears on our soul the evidence of the most untenable consequences of the failed UN system, its feral brutality, environmental destructions and most odious of behaviors.

The rape of Haiti must end.

There's a basic principle of law which holds for every harm there must be a remedy.The UN, as arbiters of international law and peace, subvert the very laws they exist to arbiter. Decent people must intervene.

The lucrative-for-the-few, profit-over-people UN system can no longer be given a free pass.

It should never have been allowed to be its own investigator, judge, jury and executioner.

Thank you folks for staying vocal and demanding that the UN get the hell out of Haiti; not re-image itself there in any form.

Haiti needs justice-- not charity, not empathy, not sympathy or to be made, in any way, to fit into the UN or its spineless collaborators' "format" for resisting colonization.Keep the pressure going to help the UN victims.

Tell UN ambassador Nikki Haley (@NikkiHaley) : Do not to renew the UN-MINUSTAH mission in Haitiand to review the necessity of the 18 UN civilian agencies feeding off a helpless Haiti while bringing their culture of rape and higher salaries that devalues local business and indigenous progress.

Your voice is important. #FreeHaiti. #Justice4allUNvictims

Ezili Danto
Founder, Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network
March 31, 2017

Ezili Danto of HLLN
Ezili Danto of HLLN
(Image by Ezili Danto)
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"Standing on truth living without fear" - HLLN

(Article changed on April 6, 2017 at 15:52)

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Human Rights Lawyer, Èzili Dantò is dedicated to correcting the media lies and colonial narratives about Haiti. An award winning playwright, a performance poet, author and lawyer, Èzili Dantò is founder of the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network, runs the Èzili Dantò website, listserve, eyewitness project, FreeHaitiMovement, the on-line journal, Haitian Perspectives and Zili Dlo, an Èzili Network project for clean water, renewable power, cultural education and skills transfer for Haiti. In 2018, Èzili was an honoree, Connecticut Women Hall of Fame.