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July 22, 2016

Is there any doubt things are politically "surreal" in the US

By Dave Lefcourt

Is there any doubt things are politically "surreal" in the US. The people running for president from the two major parties are the two most hated candidates ever nominated. Is that not surreal? Trump VS Clinton, is that not a surreal nightmare dream? The political process in the US is a joke where voting for the lesser evil is the primary basis for most people to vote.


Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump - Caricatures
Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump - Caricatures
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Caricatures of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Is there any doubt things are politically "surreal" in the US.

The people running for president from the two major political parties are the two most hated candidates ever to be nominated. Is that not "surreal"?

Yet-the "Donald" Trump just officially given the nod by the Repubs or the "Hillerator" Hillary Clinton, about to be officially coronated next week by the Dems-one will become the next president of the US.

Is that not a "surreal" nightmare dream?

Maybe we deserve this surreal outcome as we've allowed the unbounded financial corruption of both parties to culminate in the surreal spectacle unfolding before our eyes.

The corruption is such Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire casino impresario "hinted he'll contribute more than a hundred million to the Trump campaign if he likes what he sees". [1]

There's hardly a need to be clandestine about corrupting the political process any longer. SCOTUS took care of that little obstacle with the "Citizens United" decision in 2010 permitting an avalanche of dark money to completely corrupt the political process.

Sure there's been opposition and a push to get a Constitutional amendment to overturn "Citizens United". Most people in the US are aware of the corruption of money.

But significantly that awareness has not triggered the widespread demand necessary to overhaul the current political process and get money out of politics.

The hypothesis here; there's been no formidable grass roots political action taken place to overhaul our corrupt political system because the progressive groups who would take action are one or two issue groups seemingly too disparate and separate from each other. They coalesce around their issue rather than sublimating that issue and banding together with the other groups to become a formidable, focused political force realizing the corrupting influence of money prevents not only their issue from being corrected but EVERY other issue as well.

So whether it's environmental groups, LGBT, against the TPP and TTIP, Black Lives Matter, the $15 minimum wage, Medicare for all, BDS (boycott, divest, sanction) of goods made in West Bank Israeli settlements, anti fracking, opposition to the Keystone XL, Veterans against War-to name a few that come to mind-they need to be brought together and coalesce around a priori #1 fundamentally changing the political process demanding money out of politics-something truly revolutionary.

Simply put, as long as money controls the political process nothing of consequence will ever change and the issues of these disparate groups will never be dealt with.

Only something truly revolutionary in the US will stop endless war, force an apartheid Israel to cede its occupation of the West Bank and strangling the Palestinian's in Gaza, where trade deals like NAFTA are never enacted into law, where fracking and deep water drilling are prohibited, ACD, Anthropogenic Climate Disruption is fully acknowledged and real corrective measures taken.

The political process that exists now is a joke where voting for the lesser evil is the primary basis for most people to vote.

There is no discussion much less a debate about our endless wars or the out sized $trillion defense budget or any other substantive issue.

The wars and defense budget are all rubber stamped and approved by those elected in our corrupt political process.

As the saying goes, "Power corrupts. And absolute power corrupts absolutely".

That's our political system in nutshell, absolutely corrupt.

[1] "In The US, Money Talks When It Comes To Israel" by Jonathan Cook, ICH, July 21, 2016

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