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February 22, 2016

Thoughts in the Nevada Democratic caucus

By Gregory Gregg

This article tells why I favor Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton, and why the Nevada results both dishearten and encourage me.


I am both heartened and disappointed by the caucus results from Nevada. I am disappointed that many voters still do not see what this election is about, and heartened that many others are beginning to open their eyes. Bernie was behind Hillary by more than 20% in the polls just a few weeks ago. The difference between them in Nevada was just over 600 votes, about half a percent, and some of those voters were wavering at the caucuses. CNN tells us about 29-year-old Vanessa McCallum who, after sitting with the Hillary caucus held her head in her hands and said she felt like she was "cheating on Bernie". She also told CNN that she felt voters across America "are scared of the whole "democratic socialist thing."

People have to know that Bernie Sanders is not promising us anything. Instead he is telling us what is possible if we are willing to stand up and demand it. None of his proposals are impossible, but every one will require a fight against our own representatives because, while Bernie has no obligation to anyone other than the American people, almost every other politician in Washington relies on corporations and wealthy individuals for the offices they hold. This is the corruption Bernie is dedicated to eliminating. Hillary is invested in the corrupt system and will do nothing to change it.

Bernie speaks of corporations and billionaires but that is an illusion. Corporations are the mask of Gyges. "The mask of Gyges" is a story about a man who found a ring that made him invisible. He used this invisibility to become the most powerful ruler In the world through stealth and trickery. He could commit any crime without fear of consequences while appearing the picture of virtue while visible. Billionaires control the corporations and use them both to commit crimes against humanity for profit and to escape responsibility. They buy politicians both directly and through their corporate masks. They have subverted democracy through the corruption of our political campaign finance system. Hillary does not understand that by taking their money she has become corrupt.

How do I know this? Because of her defense for taking the contributions and speaking fees she receives from special interest groups. "Every one else does it." And her defense of withholding transcripts of her speeches "I'll release them when every one else does." If almost everyone in the system is corrupt, that must mean that it is ok to take the money. That must mean it is ok to conceal the policies you told them you supported that would benefit them.

The billionaire class is delighted with what Hillary Clinton tells them, they pay her handsomely for her speeches. She will not break up the "too big to fail" banks. Hillary will not aggressively address climate change. She is willing to settle for less than a living wage for workers. People who are willing to settle for less will get less, and that means more for the wealthy.

When we are once again forced to bail out the "too big to fail" banks, 2008 will look like the good old days. And what resources will we have then to address climate change or poverty. Bernie offers bold action in any area where executive action can be effective. Breaking up the banks is one of these areas.

Hillary is not a bad person. She is average when it comes to ethics and morality. But in a time when our democracy is under attack, average is not good enough. We need the idealism of youth, and Bernie Sanders has that. The Youth of America support him because they can see that they are inheriting a fraudulent version of America. They have been promised a loaf of bread and Bernie is telling them they can have it if they demand it. Hillary is offering a half loaf and will deliver a slice when her real constituents are done with it. Many Americans over thirty no longer believe in the American Dream, so they will vote for Hillary because they have given up the dream.

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Greg Gregg is a sculptor and retired critical care nurse, student of the sciences, and credentialed Reporter with The Constitution First Amendment Press Association since 6/1/16