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February 7, 2016

Trophy Hunting

By Gary Lindorff

Poet / pacifist walks us through the reality, i.e., the fantasy, of big game trophy hunting.


OK, just stand there behind the blind,
Get ready,
Watch the bait. . .Keep watching, keep watching.
There! Shoot!
That's the Lion King! Don't shoot.

OK, whew! Ready, big guy?
Watch the bait.
Keep watching, keep watching.
There! Shoot!
Wait! Don't shoot.
That's King Leonardo!

OK, whew, ready tiger?
Watch the bait. . .Keep watching.
There! Shoot!
Wait! Don't shoot.
That's the Friendly Lion.
(Oh, look, he's waving his tail
To thank you.)

OK, whew, ready Bud?
Watch the bait. . .Keep watching.
There! Shoot!
Wait! Don't shoot.
That's Aslan of Narnia. (Man, that's creepy
The way he looked at you.)

Hey, stay where you are, pal.
What are you doing!
Don't leave the blind!
Those may not be "real" lions
But fantasy is powerful.
You of all people should know that,

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Submitters Bio:

Gary Lindorff is a poet, writer, blogger  and author of several books, the latest: 13 Seeds: Health, Karma and Initiation. Over the last few years he has begun calling himself an activist poet, channeling his activism through poetic voice. He also writes with other voices in other poetic styles: ecstatic, experimental and performance.

He is a practicing Transformational Counselor (with a strong, seasoned Jungian background) and a shamanic practitioner. His shamanic work is continually deepening his partnership with the land. This work can assume many forms, solo and communal, among them: prayer, vision questing, ritual sweating, and sharing stories by the fire.