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December 4, 2015

Rojava: A Light In The Syrian Civil War

By mmm mmm

Importance of not letting Rojava (Syrian or Western Kurdistan, ڕۆژاڤای کوردستان"-,) slip from sight.


I am both surprised and dismayed by the fact that the community of Rojava (Syrian or Western Kurdistan) has not been more intensely focused on by alternative and independent press. It represents a rare opportunity to track the development of the unfolding turmoil of the Syrian Civil War not only on the level of events and situational changes, but in terms of ethical development as well.

Rojava is an autonomous region in northern Syria consisting of three cantons near Aleppo at the border between Turkey and Syria: Jazira, Kobani, and Afrin. These cantons lie at the heart, geographically and in every meaningful sense, of the US/Turkey -Russia conflict. These cantons represent the high-water mark of the Kurdish resistance to the Erdogan government's tyranny and genocidal intent toward these people. They also represent the sole genuine effort in the Middle East to rise above the cultural strictures that have shadowed and poisoned the Middle East for so long.

Every effort should be made to keep Rojava in the 'news' because no matter what direction the Syrian conflict takes, what happens to Rojava will be a revealing light. If the US/Turkey alliance prevails it will be unable to avoid the ethical question of Rojava. If this alliance prevails it will no doubt present this triumph as a defeat of terrorism, but the major contribution of the Kurds in the fight against ISIS is undeniable so it will be impossible for a US-supported Turkish destruction of Rojava to stand up to real inspection. It would take lies and spin and make mass murder impossible to hide or to carry this out.

On the other hand, if Russia and Assad prevail there will be no way to refuse some significant degree of autonomy to Rojava for their contribution without appearing to stab these worthy people in the back.

We must not allow Rojava to become buried and lost to sight through cover-up. Rojava is a true leverage point and spotlight for anyone who genuinely wants something like justice to prevail in this situation. Support Rojava. Help its light to shine. It is your best friend in this globally dangerous situation.

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