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July 16, 2015

The Story of the Hidden Life Of Jesus in Accordance to Peter Moon (Pietro de la Luna)

By Burl Hall

WE are in changing times. A lot going on in front of our eyes. These are negative. Happenings such as a government and corporations taking away the rights of people, the continued destruction of the planet for the sake of greed, and a continuation of the dumb-down of our children. Yet, behind the scenes, oftentimes in small groups and even on individual manners, people are changing without gov't / corporate interference.


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In today's world, we fall to the feet of Pope, Preacher, Guru, Philosophers, Politicians, Kings, Queens, Movie Stars and so on and so on. Ad infinitum! Thus we externalize our Gods and Goddesses. Do we believe in Goddess? Or do we believe in God? What is our theology, our philosophy?

Yet, a Hindu once said, "You ask me what and where is Brahmin? I tell you straight up: Brahmin is never able to be seen because He is the Seer."

Thus in the design of our bodies, our eyes metaphorically cannot see themselves unless they peer into a mirror. What is that mirror if not the world we live in? Interesting coincidence (resonance? Synchronicity?) between the terms "eye" and "I"!

Brahmin is defined as Self while the Judaic-Christian-Muslim God is originally referred to as I AM. And what is Mother Nature if not the essence of the cosmos, i.e., the Self? Doesn't Nature mean Essence as in the line "Meryl Ann Butler's (an editor on Oped) is that of a genius?" (Ok, don't want to leave Rob Kall out of this, nor do I wish to negate Tsara Shelton and Daniel Geery).

Yes, I am begging for a pay raise in this volunteer job!

So, is the craziness of our top-down culture simply ways in which Gods and Goddesses see themselves? Is this simply an experience for us to go through so we can move into Rob Kall's notion of developing a bottom-up power structure?

Psychiatrist Carl Jung speaks to this when he states that the Hebrew God has no sense of Himself. This is why we are here. We are God making sense of His-Her Self.

God's being I AM (Yahweh) means She cannot see Herself. Why? It is because She is what's looking (in the verb sense, eyes are vaginal in that they absorb light in the conception of an image). Thus are we all, trees, birds, bees, oceans, planets and Rob Kall's seeking to know who "I AM!"

The entire universe makes Love in this quest to know. Thus, Creation completes and necessary to the Creative, which is known as the Unmanifest or the No-Thing!

This is important if we want to change from top-down to bottom-up governance. The bottom up approach is currently in the unmanifest state. It is hidden within us as a potential. Now that we are observing it, perhaps we can make it Manifest? Hey, it's a potential, let's actualize it!

It's like an egg in a woman's ovaries. It is a potential human being that is enticed into being upon its marriage to sperm.

So, let's bring forth that potential! Our first task is to kick the Wizard of Oz (the human ego manifesting in corporations and government) out of Kansas (our Truth, or Nature)! No woman is able to make passionate love if she is under the spell of a wizard/puppet-master. Thus, she needs to be empty to take in the seminal influences. Just so, our minds need to be emptied of our conditioning. This is the essence of the Virgin Birth. The Virgin Birth is as Meister Eckhart put it: A state in which we are as when we were not!"

This is why Christ once said, "come to me naked." Yes, how can Christ (Buddha, etc) foster a new life within us if we are full of ourselves!

The commandment to awakening is to become virgin. This means being empty of all your ideas about the world. Virginity in mystical sense is not in the sexual sense, indeed for a mystic, one can let go of conditioning via lovemaking. This is why we often cry out "O' My God" in the state of ecstasy. In that union, we become whole and whole is one with being empty, hole. Whole, hole and holiness are not three words in the ecstasy of love.

Thus is the work of Peter Moon who wrote Yeshu'a: The Hidden Life of Jesus under the penname Pietro de la Luna. Peter Moon is the son of a U.S. diplomat. He grew up in Africa and in the United States. He is a healer and works with healing circles around the world. Peter is referred to as an etheric surgeon and is devoted to uplifting Humanity and the world.

It's interesting, when I had Peter's book, Yeshu'a, in hand, I gazed at the picture on the front cover and silently exclaimed, "Wait a minute: That's reminds me of the mascot for the 99% movement, the Guy Fox visage."

Book cover for Yeshu'a:!

Could it be the 99% are participants in the second coming, perhaps its prophet crying in the wilderness, our John the Baptist? Just saying. Who is to say the 99% are ALL of Nature saying "No More!" In line with physicist David Bohm's notion of the Holographic Movement, perhaps indeed the Spirit or Essence of Christ is manifesting in the 99% REGARDLESS of religious affiliation!

Perhaps Peter too is representing the 99% or even, thanks be to the God/Goddess within us, the 100%. Don't we all speak to the All?

Near the very end of Book Two of Yeshu'a, Peter has an interesting and germane comment that I paste here:

The next day, once more escaping the binds of time, passing south of Gaul, I pay special attention, listening to the ancient tongue, interacting in Spirit-form with all I meet. And it is thus I hear a form of my name you come to know: Jesus. And true to its olden roots born of your Divine I AM essence, it has come down through the ages into your time as the French words: Je suis, meaning I am. My heart thrills to hear these words, to know their true meaning, because, dearest reflections, indeed I am within you.

You are me. And I cherish you.

"The part mirrors the whole," says physicist David Bohm. Who are we in our depths if not the reflection of all of Nature--all of I AM? Thus, the atoms in our bodies float about in proportion to empty space in the same proportion that planets and stars have to "empty" space. In fact, science (and common sense) are now revealing that space is not an empty vacuum but full of the energy of the unmanifest potential. (Ergo, we too are actually full to the brim with the potential to manifest Love.)

And how does that potential coincide with Rob Kall's "bottom up" governance? The movement is diverse and thus is going to be hard to kill off. It is always there in our spiritual potential, beyond the reach of those who would stifle it. Yes, the protests may have been squelched. But WE have not. We can manifest what we choose to SEE.

Thus it is that Peter Moon speaks to all of us, the 99%. And, ultimately, for those awakened enough in the 1%, thus making us the 100%!

"Make love not war," the hippies cry! And yet the bombs continue to fall! (This wonderful insight of George Carlin comes to mind: "Making war to get peace is like making love to get virginity.")

"Forgive them Mother, for they have no sense of themselves!" the Man says to Sophia (Wisdom and Understanding, Sophia Episteme in Greek or Hockmah Binah in Hebrew) regarding the 1% in today's world. And what is Understanding if not an embrace fostered by the power of forgiveness? What is Understanding if not our power to make potential manifest simply by focusing our Love upon it? We have the power to co-create simply by opening our Inner Eye!

What is the 99% movement in your eyes?

To listen to the wonder-full interview the author's wife and he had with Peter, go to:

Peter's website is:

Authors Bio:
Burl Hall is a retired counselor who is living in a Senior Citizen Housing apartment. Burl has one book to his credit, titled "Sophia's Web: A Passionate Call to Heal our Wounded Nature." For more information, search the book on Amazon.

Burl's philosophy entails the idea that "everything effects and causes everything thing else." His spirituality of Sophia i.e., Wisdom is universal as well as within each of us. He also sees the idea of Chaos as not being "all over the place" but as infinite relationships.

The question I present in my articles speak not so much towards the politicians, but how WE the people can empower ourselves within a planet that is healthy, wealthy and wise.