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March 18, 2015

Confidence Building Measures, Aimed at Peace and Stability

By Muhammad Irfan

The article explains that restoring peace and stability is very important. For the purpose, various CBMs are instrumental in pursuit of the objective.


If a scholar views the past events related to the peace and stability, he will know the utmost attention required for the restoration of peace is in the ongoing era. Therefore, the measures sought to bring peace are also of significant importance. In fact, if governments are sincere in bringing peace and stability, the best choice they can opt is the commencement of mutual dialogues.

For the purpose, according to academic sources, they are required to start what is known as a confidence building measure (CBM) which is instrumental in politics, by and applied among states. Actually, these tools (CBMs) are used for ensuring various strategic goals. These are the ways to prevent escalation of conflicts by undertaking variety of means. These are employed to minimize the mistrust and misunderstanding. These are considered an easy way to enhance transparency, cooperation and stability.

For stance, NATO a military alliance of like-minded states also undertakes the mechanism aimed at averting the activities threatening to national security and interests. It is playing an active role in promoting the ideas of CBMs in all spheres.

The multi-dimensional CBMs can be undertaken to enhance stability. Firstly, CBMs for Collaboration among the different state actors ensures the idealistic approach, aimed at peace and prosperity. It involves the actors, responsible for maintaining co-existence. The actors should manage to launch joint investigation and bring out the factors hindering the collaboration among the states. The comprehensive efforts should be made to implement what is suggested in the above-said investigations.

Secondly, CBMs for Crisis Management are also instrumental in enhancing stability. In fact, the disputes and conflicts among the states may take place. The said kind of CBMs is to enhance crisis communication and manage the disputes mutually.

Thirdly, CBMs for Restraint are also important in restricting the dispute, imminent to escalate. In this effort, the International Law serves to restrict some actors and prevent them from being nascent threat to stability. The international law increases confidence and limit misunderstanding, miscalculation and escalation.

Fourthly, CBMs for Engagement can prove another mile-stone in the journey of enhanced stability in the world. Accordingly, the neutral actors are engaged in establishing the international norms for the stability of the world. Some other actors are also mobilized to support the said neutral actors in order to reach the norms. The non-governmental organizations are also engaged to establish standards and norms.

Finally, confidence building measures are very productive tools for politico-military risk reduction among the states. These provide the states with opportunity to reach consensus on the matter of disturbance and mistrust. In the ongoing world scenario when the globe needs much attention to bring peace, CBMs are highly recommended in all parts of the world, witnessing inter-state disputes and conflicts.

Authors Bio:

Muhammad Irfan has authored many books. He is an internationally recognized scholar. He has presented his papers in national and international conferences. He is also a freelance journalist and contributes to both national and international print media.