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June 23, 2014

Round Trip Ticket

By Hamad S Alomar

Two things I thank God for. I made it to my sixties and I never worried about death prior to that.


awakening to aging
awakening to aging
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Two things I thank God for. I made it to my sixties and I never worried about death prior to that. Now passing 60 it is a different story. I am not sure what others my age think, but I have some thoughts which never occurred to me in the past. I am just realizing we come to this life or to this earth as visitors or even as tourists with a round

When we travel we always carry an itinerary that shows our movements and our return date and time. Unfortunately for this trip when we were issued the ticket, we are only few hours old and few pounds weight. So the issue of return never occurs to us. May be this is good. Indeed it is good since if we are occupied by death at an early stage, our contributions will be less and our enjoyment of this life will be much less.

At age 60 when you think you have done all the hard work and it is time to enjoy the savings and the offspring, you discover in the same time that the time to go is on the horizon and it is a matter of time. These two conflicting colliding thoughts play into your mind and which one prevails determines the remaining of your life.

I am not eighty yet but I have a question. Does our interest in living longer diminish as we get weaker and older, to the extent that when we are so weak and so dependent on others that we awaits death to save us?. May be the best part is to complete the cycle and come to a state of mind that resembles the time we were born so we can't think or know what we are doing. So death will happen to us just as birth did without noticing.

When you look at the children you raised and spent a lifetime with and you realize that soon you will be separated for good, then you question the fairness of this life. Why should I be attached to someone and love him so much if soon will separate from him for good?

There are two issues come to mind here. First, your religious understanding of life matters. How you believe in God can determines how you react to such events. Second, being moderate in your love and attachments to others can help you in the day of need. Finally, a personal question. Is life enjoyable if we knew it is finite

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